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106 – Take Your Agents Out of the Shed

John Cray

Level: 100
Co-Speakers: Anna Stokes, Alex Black, Debbie Thomas, Peter Fedarb

Session Abstract

Enghouse has always sought to align its contact centre offerings with Microsoft platforms to offer customers the best tools for delivering excellence to their users. Now with our contact centre collaboration with Microsoft Teams, this session will take you thorough how the contact centre’s agent experience will change to adapt to the modern worker’s expectations and give them the freedom to increase their productivity.
Through the functionality offered by a full range of solutions through the Microsoft Teams APIs, the agent in the average contact centre will have more access to the middle and back office environments during their customer conversations. We’ve been talking about breaking down islands of communication for 20 years now, but we’ve never been able to get all the way there. We think that Microsoft Teams could be the thing that changes all of that.
MS Teams shows how effective an application can be at getting things done. “In the past, we saw agents as people just sitting in a shed, answering emails and calls, but that’s changing.” Now, the modern worker is more mobile than ever, and Microsoft Teams allows the agent to have that freedom. An agent on Microsoft Teams can share their team with a co-worker over their smartphone, send a video back to the office in real-time, and get support wherever they are. Everything becomes a lot more connected. You’re taking the agent out of the shed and giving them a more rich experience.
As technology experts in the contact centre industry, regardless of what PBX you use, our solutions enable you to have it your way. In this session we will explain not only how Microsoft Teams enables agents but also how we can help you throughout the Microsoft journey.

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