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120 – Teams Adoption- Kill the top 5 objections before they even happen

Mark Thompson

Level: 100

Session Abstract

As the Smarter Working lead trainer for a large U.K. Government department, I have been designing, delivering and over-seeing Microsoft Teams training for its 8000 staff since January 2018. 

Our journey has taken us from the first test users of Teams and face-to-face training to being on the brink of turning off Skype and remote-only training delivery.

I am going to show you how to crush the top 5 objections and adoption barriers before they even happen. The first 2 present themselves during initial training, the next 3 happen as users begin to use Teams. I encourage you to use these suggestions as part of your initial user training and/or as a stand-alone follow-up session to get struggling colleagues back on track with Teams:

“I don’t understand how Teams fits in and when should I use it” – I’ll show you how to head this off using my popular ‘Increasing Circles of Collaboration’ step-by-step slide and how we re-enforce it using a video hosted in Stream
“It’s just another place I have to check!” – I show you how a morphing slide can turn this into “Teams is one of the only places I will have to check”

“I can never find anything in Teams” – I’ll demo how you can teach users to super-charge their searches with filters, the Who bot and ‘recent files’

“I can’t keep track of chats” – Our second demo – show users how to manage chat, get rid of the noise and turn chat chaos into an easy to manage to-read and to-do list. We’ll also highlight how group chat can be a super-productive collaboration tool in its own right

“The notifications are overwhelming” – Arguably the most important point here; an over-active activity feed can kill a user’s engagement. Our final demo will have your users viewing their feed as a rose-tinted window into Teams…in just 5(ish) simple steps; notification groundwork, filtering, saving items for later reading/action, view and clear their read/action list and using a daily email has the back-up plan

We’ll begin to wrap up with my suggested content for 4 Teams training courses which build upon each other and ideas for delivery methods.

A 10-minute Q&A will close the session.

I’ll make my slides, along with step-by-step trainer notes, available for you to adapt and use with your own training materials.

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