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138 – I didn’t know you could do that in Teams!

Sharon Weaver

Level: 200

Session Abstract

Sure, you know about all the common features in Teams like chat, channels, and tabs, but what about some of the other features you haven’t seen yet?

Let’s be honest, most people are just trying to get through their normal workday and don’t have time to click ALL the buttons. That’s what I’m for! I like to click ALL the buttons to see what this baby will do! Now I want to share everything I’ve learned and all of my tips and tricks with you!

Did you know that you can use filter and search to find things you or others have posted over time? Add non-Microsoft file shares like Google drive or Dropbox for you or your team to access? A way to track scheduling for front-line workers, already BUILT-IN? A way to easily collaborate on the CORRECT file? And so much more…

What will you learn?

  • Daily tips and tricks like searching and filtering for things you want to find
  • How to make team scheduling easy using Microsoft Shifts
  • How to use Teams, Channels, and Tabs effectively for collaboration
  • How to manage, share, and find files internally and externally

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