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145 – A journey through Microsoft Teams development

João Ferreira

Level: 200

Session Abstract

Microsoft Teams is changing the way people communicate and work worldwide and will be part of our lives in the decade to come.
Even though it is very robust and comes out of the box with fantastic features, it lacks native support for many business scenarios and this is where you can make the difference by extending it with custom Apps making everyone much more productive.
Long gone are the times where software development was restricted to a few geeks living for years in basements, in this new decade anyone have super powers to be a developer and Microsoft Teams clearly embraces and encourage any power user to build their own applications.
In this session you will travel through all Microsoft Teams development methods. It starts with the Power Platform, makes a pit stop on the Microsoft App Templates and SharePoint Framework and finishes with the native Microsoft Teams Development.
Looking to get more out of Microsoft Teams? This session will teach you how and what is the method that works best for you.

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VIRTUAL EVENT: 10th Feb 2021

Collaborating in the Universal Workplace

How to collaborate effectively with your team in your universal workplace with Microsoft Teams!

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