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164 – The Aftermath: Cleaning up after COVID-19

Torren Manson

Level: 300

Session Abstract

During the initial stages of the COVID pandemic, many organizations did “”panic”” deployments of Teams (or other solutions). In some cases, those deployments had regulatory/government waivers that have ended or will end. Others outright violate regulations. Many were deployed without governance, and now somebody has to deal with the sprawl. (pssst! That somebody is probably YOU!)

Compliance is again a concern, some users are allowed back into offices, others will continue to work from home, in some cases permanently. How do we carry on from here and define a “”new normal”” for Teams? How do we clean up the mess we’ve made? What steps need to be taken to become compliant again, and to restore some level of sanity to IT processes and support? What adjustments need to be made for the path forward?

Join me to hear about what education, health care, legal, manufacturing, and other sectors did to respond to COVID, what they’re doing now, and what their future plans are.

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