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170 – Teamwork on Teams: What ‘Good’ Looks Like

Cai Kjaer

Level: 100
Co-Speakers: Laurence Lock-Lee

Session Abstract

We have conducted the world’s first and largest ever benchmarking of Microsoft Teams, analysing more than 5,300 teams from 15 organisations worldwide and more than a million Teams interactions to get a broad overview of how Teams operates.
We’ll share with you worst practices in Teams, how to avoid them and what you can do better, show you what a high performing team looks like and share real-life best practices from customers.
SWOOP Analytics Chief Scientist Dr Laurence Lock Lee will share insights gained from the analysis. SWOOP CEO Cai Kjaer will reveal what a best practice teams looks like share insights from one of the highest perfoming organisations in the benchmarking study
on how they use Teams and Yammer together.

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VIRTUAL EVENT: 10th Feb 2021

Collaborating in the Universal Workplace

How to collaborate effectively with your team in your universal workplace with Microsoft Teams!

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