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175 – Video Interop with Microsoft Teams

Damien Margaritis

Level: 100

Session Abstract

So you’re using Teams as your meeting platform. Great choice! But what about video interop? Do you still have Polycom or Cisco endpoints that you would like to join your Teams meetings? Perhaps you want other organisations to be able to join your Teams meetings from their non-Teams endpoints? And what about interop between Teams meeting room devices and other online platforms, like Zoom or Webex?

If you have questions like this, then this session is for you! Join DMUnified as he walks through various interop scenarios and learn what can be achieved today, and what is just around the corner.

Topics covered:

  • Do I even need interop?
  • Interop between Teams native organisations
  • Cloud Video Interop for Microsoft Teams
  • What’s One Touch Dial?
  • Teams, Zoom & Webex Interop

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