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208 – Microsoft 365 Phone System – Can it Replace your PBX?

Martin Heusser

Level: 100

Session Abstract

In this session I will talk about using Direct Routing in combination with Cloud Auto Attendants and Call Queues and whether it’s mature enough to replace your current PBX or not.

Topics which will be covered in my session:
Auto Attendant Capabilities including Business Hours and Holiday Call Handling
Call Queues: What are they, how do they work, what kind of benefits do they offer?
Calling ID Policies
Group Call Pickup & Delegates
Simultaneous Ring
Teams Mobile App & Teams Native Phones
Additional Call Handling & Routing with Anynode SBC (Time & Day based routing, night mode, parallel calls, number masking)
General overview of Teams Admin Center and how to administer Auto Attendants and Call Queues (incl. using your own Direct Routing Numbers for Auto Attendants and Call Queues, how to assign Agents to a Call Queue, Opt In / Opt Out, fallback and nesting Auto Attendants and Call Queues)

This session will give attendees an overview of current features and capabilities and also about features which are listed on the official roadmap. It’s aimed at anybody who wants to learn what Teams + Phone System can do today, if it’s enough to fully replace a legacy PBX and to learn if it’s something your IT department can take over and administer themselves, once it’s set up.

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