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219 – Centralised Control Over Voice for Internationally Distributed Teams Deployments and the Layering of Additional Services on Top of the Base Microsoft suite

Trefor Davies

Level: 200

Session Abstract

This talk discusses exciting developments that are in use by service providers offering Direct Routing for Teams and discusses how a range of services are implemented over and above the base Microsoft offering.

The eco-system of Teams is very broad – many players attempt to complement the Microsoft offering one way or another: phone vendors (YeaLink, Audiocodes), call center software (Mida Solutions), quality assurance (Unify Square), Telco operators for director routing.

Fuse 2 provide a direct routing solution for Teams using a combination of a Microsoft Certified Session Border Controller (SBC) and the Session Routing Engine (SRE) by leading telco software house Netaxis Solutions. The use of SRE means that Fuse 2 can support Teams deployments in wide ranging/global geographical locations.

The flexibility and built in APIs of the SRE allow both network operators and enterprises to provide additional services such as voice recording, a fixed mobile convergence, fax and Disaster Recovery.

Doing this directly on the SBC is complicated. Via the SRE this is simplified and made programmable. : A data model defines service profiles, users, numbers iso trunk groups and other hard to implement features.

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