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4 to 9 screens. Pah! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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We all heard it. Teams now has more than 75 million daily active users. As Satya put it, “we have seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months across education, government, healthcare, and business.” However, the biggest buzz out there has been mostly about going from 4 to 9 screens, and which fancy background you might have like on Zoom!

#MSBuild shared so much more soon to be shipped and the production team here at #Commsverse are really hoping they release Microsoft Lists sooner rather than later as would hugely benefit our event.

Microsoft Lists helps you track information and organize work. Simple, smart, and flexible, so you can stay on top of what matters most to your team. Track issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory and more using customizable views and smart rules and alerts to keep everyone in sync. With ready-made templates, you will be able to quickly start lists online, on our new mobile app, and directly from within Microsoft Teams.

We are also very much hoping NDI for Teams and Skype TX Interoperability from a virtual stage in Teams is released pronto! This is a New Network Device Interface (NDI) support and Skype TX interoperability for Microsoft Teams, which offers a more advanced set of production options for public or private customized, high-scale broadcasts. NDI for Microsoft Teams transforms a Teams meeting into a virtual stage by converting each participant’s video into a discrete video source that can be used in the production tool of your choice, OBS, Wirecast, Xsplit, StreamLabs and many more. This functionality enables you to use Teams meetings in other ways, including hosting a professional broadcast. Yeah, you thought 4 to 9 screens was cool wait till you see this!

There is also new interoperability of Teams with Skype TX devices—the devices commonly used in broadcast production today—enables production teams to connect in 1:1 calls for interviews and newscasts with professional capabilities including caller queuing and connection quality management.

So much more coming down the line!

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