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One of the great things about Microsoft isn’t its innovation. It’s the ability to create community networks of people who are passionate about Microsoft technology and dedication to improving everyone’s ability to communicate, collaborate and connect around the World.

We are proud to be a small part in that Community of professionals. We dedicate our spare time to enriching and encouraging this great community to achieve more.

A Tech Community Conference Made By The Community

Commsverse was founded by a small group of Microsoft Teams Community members, Mark Vale, Randy Chapman & Martin Boam. We spend our work days helping businesses deploy and adopt Microsoft 365 products and in-particular, Microsoft Teams.

We started Commsverse in 2019 with a mission to deliver the World’s first independent and dedicated Microsoft Teams Conference. We built it on the fundamental principle of what the Microsoft Tech Community is all about. The willingness to devote our spare time to helping others in need because we love and we believe in what we do!

Our inaugural conference was due to begin in April 2020. However, Coronavirus had other plans for us. Our in-person event is still going ahead but we took this opportunity to branch into the World of online conferences.

What Commsverse Is

Commsverse Online aims to bring you the best real-world based content on Microsoft Teams. We go out of our way to find the experts who have deployed and adopted Microsoft Teams. They are willing to come and share their experiences with others so that we as a community can benefit.

Whether you’re a business executive, system administrator or anyone in between, we will have content that is valuable to you.

We as organisers create these events for the Microsoft Teams Community without expectation of reward or payment. We raise the money we need to run these events through sponsorship by Microsoft Partners and from ticket sales to these events. We do not make a profit from this. We continue to work our normal day jobs whilst organising these events for you. Fun fact, this page is being written on a Sunday Evening at 23:20!

As a result, we are able to bring you world class content and connections with the World’s leading experts in Microsoft Teams for prices you cannot get anywhere else!

So, it doesn’t matter who you are, what stage you are at. If you’re interested in Microsoft Teams and want to find out more, or get on first name terms with the experts you need, then we would welcome your registration!

You are already part of the Microsoft Teams Community! If you would like to connect with like minded people, why not head over to the Microsoft Tech Community and introduce yourself? Follow #MicrosoftTeams on Twitter

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The Microsoft Teams Conference Made By The Community, for the Community

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