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Award Categories

Please see the following descriptions for more information on each category

Entry Tips

Always remember that you are nominating a person you think deserves to be recognised for their contributions that have helped you over the last 12 months. Therefore, as the nominator you should do your best to ensure that the nomination accurately describes why that persons should receive an award for their efforts. Where possible, provide supporting evidence to carry weight with your nomination.

Community Personality of the Year

The Community Personality of the Year Award we celebrate the person who has upheld and expressed the true embodiment of what it means to be a community member.

This person will have consistently demonstrated outstanding community values throughout the last 12-months and have inspired and helped others within the tech community and in their home lives.

The Community's Most Inspirational Woman Award

The road to gender equality in the technology sector is one that we should all share. We can all contribute to achieving this goal. To force real change, we need leaders that promote awareness and encourage change.

With the Community’s Most Inspirational Woman Award, we recognise the woman who exemplifies equality, aspiration, and leads by example. Promoting gender equality in a positive way that has inspired other women to find their voice and encouraged the industry to broaden their horizons and reduce gender bias.

The Rising Star Award

Some names are synonymous within the community as the stand out authority on different topics. But we shouldn’t ignore those people who are new to the community trying to contribute in their own way.

The Rising Star Award celebrates new community contributors who have made a real impact by demonstrating the core values of the community with amazing contributions within their first 12 months of being active within the community.

This award gives encouragement to anyone who is trying to make a difference and demonstrating the community spirit.

Innovator of the Year Award

The Innovator of the Year award goes to the person who has consistently developed new and innovative solutions that have helped community members solve business problems using Microsoft Technology.

We celebrate their dedication to problem solving and solution building that demonstrate the true potential of the Microsoft development stack.

Best Community Blog

The Best Community Blog award celebrates the person who has curated the most valuable and consistently accurate content that has helped their readers solve problems or learn about Microsoft technology and become the go to resource for their area of focus.

This blog will demonstrate regular contributions over a 12 month period that offer practical and personal insight into topics that have real value to enrich the materials published by Microsoft.

Best Community Podcast

The Best Community Podcast Award celebrates the podcast (audible or video) that the community decides offers the most valuable and rich content that helps others to understand Microsoft Technologies and the industry better.

Best Community Contributor Award

Communities aren’t built by technology, they are built by people. Communities get stronger when people contribute and introduce new initiatives that help the community grow. The Community Contributor Award is for the person who has inspired the community to expand.

The Best Community Contributor Award will celebrate the person who has consistently worked to promote community initiatives and works to build a stronger, more diverse community.

The Community's Microsoft Most Valuable Person Award

The Community’s MVP Award celebrates the Microsoft Employee that has inspired the community to build stronger relationships within the Community and with Microsoft.

This person is the stalwart of the community who is always listening, encouraging and motivating Microsoft to continue to support the community.

The Community MVP award is the ultimate in recognition and will go to the Microsoft person the community decides is the most deserving.

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