340 – Closing the Collaboration Compliance Gap for Microsoft Teams

The world was already embracing online collaboration when the CoVid-19 pandemic and shift to work-from-home created a new urgency, accelerating the timeline for wide adoption. Microsoft Teams is in the vanguard of this transition, but for regulated businesses there’s a “compliance gap” to be closed before they can exploit all the communication modes – voice, video, chat, screen share, and other forms of interaction – available in the platform. Verint’s Gerry Durning, together with Steven Blackmore from Geomant will discuss and show you how businesses can benefit from enterprise-ready and automated compliance recording, data governance and analysis for Teams calling and meetings for recordkeeping, monitoring, and other regulatory purposes while leveraging their existing investments in Microsoft Azure – ensuring that compliance is not a casualty of the business issues we currently face.


337 – Teams, Office 365 Groups and Modern Sites Provisioning and Governance with SPFx, Logic Apps and Azure Automation

While Microsoft’s modern experience has really come together, there are so many ways to creates Teams, Groups, and Sites. Learn how to standardize both the approach and the result with an open sourced request form (SPFx), approvals (Logic Apps), and provisioning process (PowerShell, PnP, Azure Automation).

Next learn how you can combine the concept of channels across Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, and Streams to better organize how your staff collaborate. Through automation of tabs in Teams, sections in OneNote, plans in Planner, and channels in Streams, plus navigation in SharePoint to tie it all together, you’ll see significant gains in your teams’ productivity


338 – Top Tips to Optimize MS Teams Performance, Anywhere, Anytime

The last few weeks have seen a surge in Microsoft Teams deployment and active usage.
Whether it is used for chat, collaboration or Voice, Teams features have been largely deployed within the remote working world.
With users starting to go back to the Office, Enterprises IT must now be prepared to support this new traffic at the location of their users.
In this session, GSX will demonstrate how to ensure optimal Microsoft Teams service quality, as well as how to improve the Voice quality for your users, whether they are working at the office or from home.
With real data coming from 24/7 synthetic transactions, the IT receive actionable insights on which to act based on facts rather than emotions.

Save your seat today!


336 – Why you need to back up Office 365, especially Microsoft Teams

Have you ever stopped to think how the crucial information held in Teams and Office 365 is protected? Many Customers assume that Microsoft protect their data and configuration in the event of a Ransomware attack or data loss event, but this is not always the case.

Please join us to find out how you can protect Teams and other important Office 365 data sources.


335 – Using the Microsoft Teams Framework as a Business Strategy Enabler

The Teams platform provides the capability to provide seamless collaboration and integration across business platforms and departments. Joining this all up and unleashing the Power of Teams is the strategic key to realising the benefits within organisations without causing chaos.
This session will provide you with insights on:
– How to use Microsoft Teams as a framework and toolset to empower and enable business strategy.
– The importance of governance and structure in building your Teams foundations.
– How to align the Microsoft Teams platform into the overall business strategy.



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