314 – End to End DLP in Microsoft 365

Where does Data Loss Prevention end? When your staff are working with sensitive data in the cloud, and it can’t or shouldn’t be encrypted via AIP you need to rely on just more than Office 365 rules. In this session we explore the best ways to ensure you consider all the boundaries for keeping content safe.


312 – Work from anywhere, because anywhere can work. Teams solutions from Jabra.

Work isn’t somewhere you go, it’s something you do. This has never been as important as it is now. However, you need to work, there’s a Jabra product that can help you get the most out of your day. Whether you’re working from home, from your smartphone, or need to get meetings up and running in or out of the office, we’ve got you covered.
In this session we will explore how work has evolved and how the new Evolve2 range of professional headsets set the new standard in concentration, collaboration and flexibility. And as more people make their way back into the office, we will look at what social distancing means for in-person meetings and how the Speak 750 and Jabra PanaCast can revolutionise team video collaboration. Thanks to three 13-megapixel cameras and our patented real-time video stitching technology, this unique 180° field of view means meetings are still on the table, while maintaining a safe distance.


311 – Leveraging Cloud Video Interop to Accelerate Teams Adoption and Maximize Your Hardware ROI.

While overall Microsoft Teams adoption is off the charts, many organizations are getting stuck at phase 2 of their Teams rollout. Phase 2 is where organizations want to move beyond chat and file sharing and begin to take advantage of Teams Video Meetings. The problem of course is that many of these organizations have made significant investments in conference room systems from Cisco, Poly, Lifesize, and others and this hardware isn’t natively compatible with Microsoft Teams. Enter Cloud Video Interop—a dedicated solution for connecting SIP/H.323 endpoints with Microsoft Teams. This session will provide key insights into some of the major questions that organizations face when selecting a Cloud Video Interop solution, highlight lessons learned from actual organizations that have deployed Cloud Video Interop, and deliver a framework for driving Teams adoption forward, while limiting costs.

Attending the session will enable you to:
• Develop a deeper understanding of Cloud Video Interop & How it Impacts Teams Adoption.
• Learn a framework for evaluating Cloud Video Interop solutions.
• Understand the key differences between a Pure-SaaS and Hybrid approach to Cloud Video Interop.


309 – Covid19 Adoption Tipping Point!

The Tipping Point was the debut book by Malcolm Gladwell published in 2000. Gladwell defines a tipping point as the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point. It seeks to explain mysterious sociological changes that mark everyday life.

About 2 years ago I wrote: Why might we be at a tipping point to make (or not make) our work visible through collaboration tools? It is perfectly acceptable to make our social and family life blatantly visible on social media, so why not our professional lives? More about that in my session.

The “”Covid19 Wrecking Ball”” radically changed our work culture. People were not working from home, but at home during a crisis, trying to work! Microsoft Teams jumped 70 percent to 75 million daily active users in the space of a month. Teams reached Tipping Point with a critical mass, at boiling point, and it simply worked! My husband was suddenly living on Teams in our kitchen as a Construction Site PM.

Since lock-down eased, social distancing remains our new norm and people are simply working from home, with the crisis under control, in a flexible working culture.

However, there is more to do and explore. This is a good time to look at the ADKAR adoption and change model. Many businesses touched Awareness and Desire to change work behaviour during lock-down without the time to reflect on how radically work life changed forever or capture fantastic success stories.

It’s time to investigate Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. My session includes KISS (keep it simple stupid!) models with ways to apply ADKAR that have worked in the private and public UK sectors. Underpinned by Working Out Loud generously share your work with a view that someone might improve it, or it might help someone with their work fast! 

You will leave my session with my ADKAR themed frameworks endorsed by Cambridge Uni, Business Innovation Centre, and Microsoft and ready to nurture a deeper understanding of digital transformation blended with a sense of cultural well-being.

I do hope we meet at my session. In the meantime, please follow me on social media where I am reporting on the conference as part of the Commsverse Production Team.


307 – Analogue to Cloud. The challenge of Enterprise Migration to Microsoft Teams

As enterprises rapidly adopt Microsoft Teams for voice and collaboration, they often underestimate the challenge of connecting Teams to everything in their business. From connecting elevator phones, control systems, DECT phones and other analog devices to Teams, to innovative ways to connect emerging Voice Bots, at this session you’ll learn how to avoid the migration pitfalls and connect your legacy world to new


308 – Successfully driving adoption of Microsoft Teams

It is no surprise that Microsoft Teams improves communication, collaboration, and productivity; however, this is only true if it is driven and embraced in the right way. If you expect your users to ‘just use it’ from day one, it will be unsuccessful. You need to empower them, demonstrate the benefits and show them how to use it properly; it will soon become the app they can’t work without!

In this masterclass, we will discuss how you can successfully drive the adoption of Teams, and it all starts with setting a clear strategy of driving adoption. Throughout this session, we will share our approach to a Teams adoption project and help produce your strategy to drive adoption of Microsoft Teams within your business.

We also recommend you bring a colleague with you, someone that embraces change, likes to drive transformation, can tackle a challenge…also known as your Microsoft Teams Champion.


306 – The best time to kit your offices and employees with Poly is now.

Racing towards your goals to migrate to Teams? Whether you are looking to replace, redeploy or upgrade your existing devices – Poly has a solution for you. We are running some ‘never-before’ programs to help you smoothly transition to Teams. Join this session to know more about the choices you have from a wide range of products and promotions from Poly.



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