302 – UC Success Wheel – everything you need to consider when embedding Teams into your organisation

Microsoft Teams can be easy to deploy in a company but it’s not easy to deploy well. It takes planning, strategy, good project management, network assessments and a clear vision. At Exactive we have successfully been taking our clients on the journey to Microsoft UC for over 10 years. We know which activities and tasks go into a successful project and the critical steps required. We’ve created our UC Success Wheel to help us take new clients on that journey with a consistent approach, challenge them on whether they have planned everything and guide them through a journey that can be difficult with a simple and easy approach. Join this session to understand our UC Success Wheel and how we can help you deliver results by transforming the way you work.


303 – Building a secure and reliable telephony service using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Communications remains a business-critical service but in the face of so much technological change, how do you ensure you deliver a secure, reliable, multi-national telephony service that flexes with your changing organisational needs. This session will outline the top considerations for service owners in tackling communications projects, including moving communications to the cloud (including Microsoft Teams), for specific voice related applications or replacement technologies including ISDN and PSTN.

The 3 delegate takeaways
– A roadmap for building out a reliable voice service for your business
– Guidance on choosing the right technology options
– An insight into the best practice approach


299 – Omni-channel Contact Centre for Microsoft Voice

Full Omni-Channel Contact Centre natively integrated into Microsoft Teams deployed in Azure. Key enterprise business solutions with support for Automation through Intelligent IVR, AI and BOT framework. Governance Management with GDPR module ensuring Companies Comply with EU rules, Migration strategy with ability to integrate with Legacy PBX during the migration process for business continuity.


300 – How technology supports my role as a volunteer fire fighter

On the afternoon of October 26th 2019 a lighting strike in a remote part of the Wollemi national park at Gospers Mountain, NSW ignited what was to become the biggest forest fire to have started from a single point of ignition that Australia has ever seen.

Technology played a huge part in my ability to fight fires, get my day job done and stay in control of my home life. This fire-side chat session will explore how I did it, and how you can benefit from what I learned.


296 – Teams Provisioning with Power Automate and Graph API

How to get started with Teams provisioning? How about using Power Automate to create a team based on your own templates?
Join this session to see how to

collect required information using Forms and Teams
do approval of team request in Teams
provision a new team via Power Automate and Graph API
customize teams with channels, tabs, welcome message and private channels

I will walk you through the steps from beginning to an end. You can attend this session with no prior knowledge of Teams provisioning but for this session it is useful to have some prior knowledge of Power Automate.


295 – Enrich your Microsoft Teams deployment with context aware and responsive canvas apps.

Employee user experience is greatly improved when they can execute company apps without leaving their Microsoft Teams environment. Power Apps makes this possible. With only a few mouse clicks, you can add your context aware and responsive canvas apps to your Microsoft Teams deployment.

Responsive apps make the apps look and execute good, no matter the screen size. The recent addition of context variables was a long-awaited functionality and opens a range of new possibilities like reducing text input for employees or making it possible to create single canvas apps for multiple purposes.

This session starts with a demo showing several examples to get an idea of what is possible. The recent addition of context variables is included too. Then, all the ways to add canvas apps to your Microsoft Teams deployment are shown. The third part of this session demos an example where a canvas app is the starting point of automation. The last part of this session includes all kinds of useful information making you fully up to date about adding canvas apps to you Microsoft Teams deployment.


286 – Bot Wars: Power Virtual Agents vs Bot Framework

At Microsoft Ignite 2019, Microsoft announced Power Virtual Agents: a no-code approach to building bots that’s part of Power Platform. But, how does this fit with the existing Bot Framework, and which one should you use, when?Join Tom Morgan to walk through how you can use the best parts of each approach to quickly and easily build genuinly useful bot solutions for your customers without needing to know any development. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of the Bot Framework, or think that Power Virtual Agents sounds like a kid’s cartoon – Tom will clear up the confusion and leave you with practical things you can do TODAY to empower your users.



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