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At Commsverse we welcome all people who are excited, passionate and knowledgable about Microsoft Teams and the Tech Community to submit their sessions in our call for content. New are Experienced Speakers are welcome. We offer a safe and friendly environment for everyone to come and share their experiences and connect with like minded people.

Call for Content Opens 8th March 2021 and Closes 25th March 2021. Add a reminder to your calendar

Who Can Submit?

We are a community conference. This means that anyone with a flare and passion for Microsoft Teams can submit a session for consideration.

However, we take great pride in curating the best and most unique Microsoft Teams content the world has to offer. Therefore, in order for you to stand out from the rest, it is important that you consider these few recommendations.

  • If you are thinking of submitting partner or vendor incentivised sessions e.g. “How Acme Inc. can help your Teams adoption” etc. Then please don’t submit.

  • If you have or will deliver(ed) the same session (including retitled) at another conference (online or in-person) within the last 4 months of Commsverse, please consider submitting fresh content instead.

  • Please only submit sessions that you think you can deliver effectively. You should be able to talk confidently about your chosen topic and be able to answer probing questions by your audience without “taking it offline”. 

  • If you work for an existing exhibitor you may only submit a session that is agnostic and not a product pitch in disguise.

  • If your session is a sales pitch, we are not the conference for you

If you think you are what we are looking for, then you can submit! If you are new to speaking, do not be afraid we can offer you the right support and guidance to help you get on to the podium and deliver an amazing session. The hardest bit is having the courage to submit in the first place. Take that step and we will be with you the rest of the way!


It’s exciting to have an opportunity to speak at a conference and we don’t want to deter you. However, if you are new to speaking or even speaking at a community event, then it is only right for us to explain the commitments we make to you and in return you make to us should you be selected as a speaker.

Our Commitments to you

  • We will cover the cost of your hotel stay on the night before and inbetween the event
  • We will support your travel and expenses to get to/from the conference up to an agreed amount
  • We will supply all the audio, visual and computer equipment for you to present at the conference
  • We will provide you with a quiet space to prepare for your session
  • We will assist you with any query or try and help you in any way we can. Just ask!

Your Commitments to us

  • Once you accept your speaking offer, you shall honour it
  • You will complete all your call to actions by the agreed dates
  • You will actively promote your session and the event as a whole across your social networks
  • You will rehearse your session and do your absolute best to deliver an outstanding session

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In another change to previous events, we are changing our content tracks from technology focussed to attendee job function and capability. We understand it can be hard for people to create their own learning pathways, so our tracks will be designed to take you on a content journey that is specifically designed for your job role and technical competency. Don’t worry though, you can still create your own bespoke agenda using our mobile app.

Business Strategy

Designed for the Senior IT person seeking to understand how to get the most out of Microsoft Teams

Track Synopsis

A high level, high impact track focussed on strategy and adoption so that you can extract maximum investment in your Microsoft Teams

Project Delivery

Designed for the IT Pro Consultant and Customer Architecture teams tasked with enabling Microsoft Teams within Organisations

Track Synopsis

A mixture of mid to deep dive sessions focussed on different modalities within Teams and how to successfully implement them to best practices

Teams Admin

Designed for the 2nd and 3rd Line Support engineers and power users who manage and maintain your Microsoft Teams ecosystem

Track Synopsis

A high level, high impact track focussed on strategy and adoption so that you can extract maximum investment in your Microsoft Teams

Team Leaders

Designed for Business Team Owners who are looking to optimise their business processes using Teams and the Power Platform

Track Synopsis

A practical journey through the Power Platform showing simple & easy low code / no code automation solutions that can improve your team's productivity

Selection Process

Last Year we received 160 submissions for just 40 speaking spaces. We expect the competition to be similar this year. However, we are changing our selection process and giving the community a voice in which sessions we should pay more attention to. This means that the Community can vote for sessions they want to see at Commsverse. The more votes your session has at the end of the evaluation period, the more chance it has of being selected.

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