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Call for Content 15th - 30th Nov 2020

At Commsverse we welcome all people who are excited, passionate and knowledgable about Microsoft Teams and the Tech Community to submit their sessions in our call for content. New are Experienced Speakers are welcome. We offer a safe and friendly environment for everyone to come and share their experiences and connect with like minded people.

What We Are Looking For

What We Are Looking For

  • We are looking for people who are passionate and have first hand experience of Microsoft Teams who are able to deliver interesting and relevant sessions involving Microsoft Teams that offer our attendees real world and practical knowledge.

  • Topics should be technology scenario and focussed on how Teams can solve real world business challenges.  Topics can be varied in depth, from high level, introductory sessions right through to deep dive, expert level.

  • We want people of substance, who can stand behind their session topic and engage in valuable dialog with our attendees and being able to answer questions from the floor in detail.

What We Are Not Looking For

  • Sales sessions on products or services by Partner, Competitor or Vendor

  • Sessions that have been delivered at other conferences

  • Sessions where the speaker has no practical working experience on the topic. In other words, if you have just read something on Microsoft Docs or watched an Ignite video and have no actual hands on experience of the topic, please choose a better topic.

Who Can Submit?

If you think you are what we are looking for, then you can submit! If you are new to speaking, do not be afraid we can offer you the right support and guidance to help you get on to the podium and deliver an amazing session. The hardest bit is having the courage to submit in the first place. Take that step and we will be with you the rest of the way!


This year we are changing our tracks from technology specific to our attendee ability and job function. It is hoped that by doing this we will provide a clearer learning pathway for people to choose from whilst still allowing people to create their own track agendas to suit their individual needs.


As a learner an attendee may have working knowledge of Teams as an End User. However, they may have little experience in understanding how Teams works, or the possibilities of how Teams can enable them and their organisation. 

This track is designed to provide a wide variety of high level sessions where people can learn concepts and generate ideation on how to approach Teams vNext for them.

Power User

The Power User are people who have an ability to be more creative. Who can solve business process issues by using technology such as the Power Platform in conjunction with Teams that can make their organisation more efficient.

They will want to know how they can use low/no-code tools in conjunction with Teams to make simple, but effective solutions to their most common challenges.

Productivity Pro

The Productivity Pro are people who strive to enable themselves and their colleagues to be more efficient in their daily tasks by using Teams.

They will be leaders in their department or organisation and responsible for driving change and adoption of Teams throughout.

They will want to come and learn productivity hacks, how to better engage their colleagues, how to measure success and most importantly how to understand the usage data to create pin point action plans to improve productivity within the business.


As an expert, the attendee will already have a deep understanding of many Teams features. They will use this track to gain deeper insight into their chosen area of expertise, or drilling down into other topics that play an important part of their job activities. 

These sessions will be expert led, level 300/400 single topic sessions designed to lift the bonnet (hood). Attendees will typically come from Consultants, Architects and System Admin backgrounds

Selection Process

Last Year we received 160 submissions for just 40 speaking spaces. We expect the competition to be similar this year. However, we are changing our selection process and giving the community a voice in which sessions we should pay more attention to. This means that the Community can vote for sessions they want to see at Commsverse. The more votes your session has at the end of the evaluation period, the more chance it has of being selected.


Submit Your Session

First, think of the type of session you want to submit. Design your session Title and Abstract to clearly state what your session is about and what your ideal audience member will learn and take away.

Remember, you are not trying to impress the selection committee, you are trying to encourage people to take interest in your session and ultimately be part of your audience.

Our Call for Content Opens on Nov 15th and closes on 30th November. To submit your session, please login to the attendee portal and click "submit a session". If you do not have an account please register below.


Promote Your Session

Once submitted your session will be live on our Community Voice page. Make your session stand out by promoting on your social media accounts and encouraging people to vote for it.

The Community Voting Period will last from Dec 1st 2020 to Jan 15th 2021.



Our content team will review each submission, taking account of the number of Community votes against our track criteria.

They will make their selections and you will be notified on 18th January if your session has been accepted or not. If your have been successful, you will be onboarded as an official Speaker.



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