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At Commsverse we welcome all people who are excited, passionate and knowledgable about Microsoft Teams and the Tech Community to submit their sessions in our call for content. New are Experienced Speakers are welcome. We offer a safe and friendly environment for everyone to come and share their experiences and connect with like minded people.

Call for Content Opens 8th March 2021 and Closes 25th March 2021.
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Who Can Submit?

We are a community conference. This means that anyone with a flare and passion for Microsoft Teams can submit a session for consideration.

However, we take great pride in curating the best and most unique Microsoft Teams content the world has to offer. Therefore, in order for you to stand out from the rest, it is important that you consider these few recommendations.

  • If you are thinking of submitting partner or vendor incentivised sessions e.g. “How Acme Inc. can help your Teams adoption” etc. Then please don’t submit.

  • If you have or will deliver(ed) the same session (including retitled) at another conference (online or in-person) within 4 months of Commsverse, please consider submitting fresh content instead.

  • Please only submit sessions that you think you can deliver effectively. You should be able to talk confidently about your chosen topic and be able to answer probing questions by your audience without “taking it offline”.

  • If you work for an existing exhibitor you may only submit a session that is agnostic and not a product pitch in disguise.

  • If your session is a sales pitch, we are not the conference for you

New Talent

We welcome new speaking talent to our conferences. If you are new to public speaking and looking for an opportunity then please do submit your session.

If you would like assistance with your submission or help in understanding any element of the process and what to expect, then please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you.

We are proud to launch our New Speaker Program that encourages new speakers as well as supporting them on their first speaking journey. From a dedicated mentor, to professional public speaking training. Find out more below

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Content Tracks

In a change to previous events we are focussing each day of our conference to a particular theme to provide maximum value to both you as a speaker and our attendees.

Collab Day - 29th June

Collab day is all about the front end uses of Microsoft Teams and with the wider Microsoft 365 product toolkit. These sessions will articulate how to use Teams effectively personally, as part of a team and as an organisation.

This day will focus on empowering our attendees to enrich their productivity by showing them how to unlock the true power of teamwork with Teams.

Config Day - 30th June

Config day is the traditional ‘Tech Day’ where our sessions lift the bonnet on Teams from planning, deploying and managing Teams and connecting services.

This day focusses on technical mid to deep-dive sessions that help our attendees understand the technical operations on Teams and how best to manage them.

Content Level

We hope to attract Power Users such as business champions, change managers and business decision makers. The content should be high level and easy to digest with context that can be related to actual business requirements and outcomes.

Sessions should be between Level 100 and 200 in difficulty.

Content Level

We hope to attract people who are responsible for designing, implementing and managing Teams as a business service for their users. These people will have some working knowledge of Teams and underlying technologies and will be seeking advanced learning at a deeper technical level.
Sessions should be between Level 300 and 400 in difficulty.


  • Adoption
  • Teamwork
  • Productive Working
  • Business Automation
  • Use Cases

User Adoption is a key part of any IT Project that extends into BAU operations. It is about helping the business and it's employees overcome technology and operational challenges by encouraging the proper use of available technologies.

The Adoption track focusses on the methods and strategies used to successfully engage with the business users to deliver the return on investment in Teams.

Helping Teams work together is more critical now than ever before. Successful teamwork in the hybrid workplace requires structure, and the correct application of strategies and technology for it to succeed.

This track focuses on team based collaboration using structured data and processes that help to keep people on track and accountable.

Productivity is personal. What you might think as being productive, others will not. This is the problem. People work in different ways, they think and cope differently.

The goal of the productivity track is to highlight different working practices, techniques alongside Teams and Microsoft 365 in hope that people can take key points away  to help them improve their personal efficiency.

Team based collaboration is only the first step into transforming businesses digitally. It provides a platform to solve complex and manual business processes in a more efficient way.

Combining Teams with the Power Platform, the Business Automation track focusses on taking those tedious and repeatable manual processes and turning them into automated workflows using the Power Platform, with Teams and even AI.

Having Teams installed on your user's desktop is one thing. Encouraging them to use it is another.

This track focusses on the most common business use cases where using Teams would be an effective tool to get work done.

This track is the "Did you know you could do that in Teams?" track.


  • Business Voice
  • Devices
  • Teams Admin
  • Advanced Technology
  • Reference Architectures

Teams as a phone system has now sky rocketed into mainstream.

This track is focussed on the deployment of Direct Routing, Call Plans and integrations with on-premises PBXs.

Attendees here will want to know how to plan, deploy and maintain deployments efficiently and at scale

Meeting Rooms and Devices such as Teams Displays are now selling like hot cakes.

Offices are being refitted with new confernencing equipment. Personal meeting devices are being released. It is a very interesting time.

This track focusses on the device market and should inform attendees on the types of devices along with their uses cases and most of all how to manage & monitor them.

Deploying Teams is only 1/4 of the story. People have to manage it. From User management to data management and also data security.

This track is focussed on the provisioning and managing of users, data and access including Guest and inter-departmental collaboration and using the monitoring and reporting tools available to detect and resolve proactively.

What is beyond teamwork and voice? Teams extends into different the workplace way beyond this.

Advanced Technology track focusses on Contact Center, Compliance, Governance and Data security and how to use the tools available to effectively deploy & monitor these.

Anyone can deploy Teams. Swipe a credit card and away you go right?

Fewer can deploy Teams correctly with a robust design architecture that allows the organisation to use the tools effectively and securely.

Reference Architectures track focusses on the best practices and core principles used to lay the foundation and framework for Teams within an organisation.

Hybrid Event

We are planning a hybrid event this year where we are supporting virtual attendees and speakers as well as in-person. As the World is still under restrictions it may be hard for people to travel to the UK to attend or speak.

Whilst all speakers at our in-person will also be in-person we are going to run a live event from the venue that integrates the two events together.

Your session may be selected for online or in-person or both and we will work with you to determine the best solution for you.

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