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Commsverse 2021 Attendee Information

Mark Vale
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If you are reading this article then you will be affected by the information within. Please read carefully to understand the items that are pertinent to you in regards to your attendance.


You may have received an invitation to complete a survey that we used to collect how existing paid-up ticket holders felt in regards to attending our in-person event on June 29 and 30th. Thank you to those of you who took the time to let us know your feelings.

We have collected the results and we feel that the best thing we can do for all our customers is to trigger a short postponement of the event. The new and final dates for Commsverse 2021 are now September 15th and 16th 2021.


If you currently hold a paid ticket (not pre-order) from our original 2020 event that was transferred to this event, you do not need to do anything. We will send you a link to complete your ticket transfer in due course. This will happen when we commit to the event.

If you are a new customer who has pre-ordered a 2021 ticket, you will receive an update informing you the payment date for your ticket has changed. You do not need to do anything except wait for the e-mail informing you to complete your ticket purchase at the appropriate time.

Refunds & Non-Attendance

This is never a nice subject to discuss, especially in the situation we find ourselves in. The UK law protecting consumers and events is different from the traditional consumer protections on goods & services. When purchasing a ticket to an event we enter ourselves into a contract whereby we (Commsverse) promise to take all reasonable steps to ensure the event is held whether it is on the original date or substitute date due to reasons beyond our control. In addition, you as a purchaser agree in principle to attend the event whenever that may be.

In the case where we cancel the event. In other words we inform you that we are canceling the conference and not offering an alternative date, then you are entitled to a refund on your ticket.

In the case where a substitute date is offered, your ticket will be valid for that date automatically without you taking any action. As a result of a new date being offered, we (Commsverse) are continuing to uphold our side of the contract between us and therefore, you are not entitled to a refund by law.

In the case where the event goes ahead either on the planned date or rescheduled date and you have decided not to attend, then this is your own decision and something Commsverse cannot be liable for. Therefore, no refunds are possible for elective non-attendance on your part.

Thats the legalities. However, we as an organisation appreciate our customers and understand that together we have been through enough already without adding to any more stresses. We also understand that we simply cannot in good conscience continue to postpone the event indefinitely and withhold your money.

As a result, this postponement will be the last one we enact for our original event. If the event does not go ahead in September 2021, then the event will be officially cancelled. If you have a paid ticket, you will be refunded.

If our event does indeed go ahead as we hope, and you feel you do not want to attend, then we want to ensure that as a valued customer you are treated fairly and reasonably rather than hiding behind legal loopholes.

Therefore, we hope the below support we are offering you is reasonable given the circumstances we all find ourselves in.


As a community organisation we are not about making profits nor do we have company debts that need to be serviced. We as organisers do not take a salary or dividend. We each have our own professional jobs outside Commsverse. Everything we earn in sponsor and ticket revenue is put straight back into the event to make it as awesome as we can for you and fellow community friends. Our mission is to treat our customers as VIPs, with respect and dignity.

It would be greatly appreciated if you considered donating your ticket to Commsverse to help support the in-person conference when it goes ahead.

As a thank you for donating you will receive:

  • Access to all the session content as it happens at the in-person event but online
  • Join selected sessions as a hybrid audience member using Teams. This will allow you to interact with the speaker and in-room audience as if you are there
  • Book 1:1 demonstrations or chats with exhibitors
  • Voucher to attend our 2022 in-person event when announced
  • Your Commsverse event T-Shirt

Please complete the below form to let us know by 1st August 2021 so that we can make sure we have the details we need with the suppliers.

Informed Non-Attendance

If you informed us by completing the attendee survey issued on April 14th 2021 that you are not planning to attend any in-person conferences this year. We will leave your ticket open in case you change your mind between now and September. You will have the following options available to you:

  • Decide up to the day of the conference to attend or not. Simply turn up on the day and show your original ticket to the reception staff
  • Gift your ticket to a work colleague or friend by completing the below form before 1st September 2021

Regardless of your above choice, you will have exclusive access to the online element of the conference that will bring you as close as we can get you to the event without you physically being there. This includes:

  • Access to all the session content as it happens at the in-person event
  • Join selected sessions as a hybrid audience member using Teams. This will allow you to interact with the speaker and in-room audience as if you are there
  • Book 1:1 demonstrations or chats with exhibitors

In addition, you will also receive a voucher that you can redeem against 100% cost of a ticket to our 2022 in-person event when announced.

Or you can request a refund and forego all of the above benefits. Please complete the below form. Please note that we can only refund to the original payment card that was used originally. The deadline for refunds is 7th May 2021.

Enforced Non-Attendance Due to Travel

Enforced non-attendance due to travel restrictions is where you have a ticket to the event but due to restrictions in place affecting you means it becomes unreasonable or impossible to attend, such as:

  • Mandatory Quarantine by law on entry to the UK
  • Home country restrictions on outbound international travel
  • Restricted by the UK Covid Country Red-List

If you are affected by any of the three conditions above on August 1st 2021, you will be entitled to the same benefits and options at those who informed us of their elective non-attendance.

Employer Enforced Non-Attendance

If your employer has told you that they do not approve of you attending Commsverse due to their own travel policy restrictions, then you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Access to all the session content as it happens at the in-person event
  • Join selected sessions as a hybrid audience member using Teams. This will allow you to interact with the speaker and in-room audience as if you are there
  • Book 1:1 demonstrations or chats with exhibitors

In addition, you will also receive a voucher that you can redeem against 100% cost of a ticket to our 2022 in-person event when announced.

You must notify us of your employer enforced non-attendance by no later than August 1st.

You will only be entitled to a refund option if you have personally paid for a ticket out of your own money. This means that you have not used a company credit card to make the ticket purchase or claimed the ticket value as an expense back from your employer.

You will need to prove your purchase was personal and unclaimed as a business expense before being offered a refund. This will include a headed letter from your employer’s finance department confirming that they have not reimbursed or subsidised you.

Elective Non-Attendance

If you did not inform us of your non-attendance during the survey and you do are not affected by any other condition preventing you from attending and we go ahead and put the event on in September then we will have completed our end of the contract between us.

In this situation, you will not be entitled to any benefit or refund.

Non-Attendance Due to Covid-19

This is an awful thought but if you contract Covid-19 within 2-weeks of the event taking place we will refund you your ticket. You’ll need to provide evidence that you have been diagnosed with it e.g. a photo of the diagnosis letter, e-mail or SMS with a date stamp.

Covid Passports

It is too early to say for certainty what we will all have to adhere to by law. On the assumption that covid passports aren’t a thing for domestic purposes the we as an event require everyone to produce a negative PCR test within 48 hours of the event as a condition of entry. Please order your tests from the NHS Covid testing program

Unless instructed by law to do so, we are not making proof of vaccination a condition of entry for domestic attendees.

International attendees will be governed by the conditions imposed on international admissions by the UK Government and Border Force.

International Attendees

Your admission is very much dependant on what the UK Government allow. If your country is on the UK Red List on August 1st 2021 then regardless of whether it is removed between August 2nd and the conference you will not be permitted to attend this year.

If international travel corridors are opened by the UK and you are permitted entry we will abide by the minimum restrictions enforced upon us. You should expect at least to produce a negative test or be vaccinated as a condition of entry by the UK Government. Until they actually make their mind up, we don’t know what will be what.

You should not make any arrangements you cannot back out of until you have been told the event is going ahead and you are permitted to attend.

What to Expect in September

We want to put on an event that will be safe for everyone and allow you to freely move around the venue and make new connections. After-all, this is why we have in-person events in the first place.

We are hopeful that social distancing will no longer be required, but equally we should all respect other people’s space and feelings. Please consider others when moving about the venue.

However, the event will be conducted in accordance with the guidelines published at the time.

You should prepare your conference survival kit as follows:

  • Bring with you your own personal hand sanitizer. There will be some available, but for the best protection keep yours on your person at all times
  • Bring your own sealed water bottles to refill at the venue water stations
  • Bring your own mask even if there may be swag available that will do the same.
  • Food will more than likely be pre-portioned and packaged. We are not planning a finger buffet
  • Be prepared to walk more than normal as we will have a strict one way, no queuing / loitering policy on the exhibition hall, s bring comfy shoes

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