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Commsverse Announces Partnership with UC Today

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Commsverse is delighted to announce our official partnership with UC e-magazine, UC Today (https://uctoday.com).

By partnering with UC Today, Commsverse will increase its presence within the Unified Communications and Collaboration sector, whilst continuing to specialise in Microsoft Teams content.

As part of the media partnership agreement it is important from both founders of UC Today (Rob Scott) and Commsverse (Mark Vale) that Commsverse would remain independent and community aligned and that UC Today and Commsverse would combine their unique powers to create a stronger and wider Microsoft Teams community of people.

This partnership is a great opportunity for Commsverse and the Microsoft Teams community to expand their reach and cement ourselves as an unmissable Microsoft Teams technical conference.

Mark Vale – Founder

Over the next 12 months Commsverse and UC Today will work together to produce 4 focussed Microsoft Teams virtual events that will be delivered on the UC Today virtual event platform. – Read More about these events here

In turn, UC Today will help promote the Commsverse main conference to their Microsoft Teams readers (in excess of 500,000) through their news and magazine outlets.

We hope that this partnership will benefit every member of the Microsoft Teams community from our Speakers, Sponsors and attendees as well as encouraging new members we would not otherwise have reached.

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