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Coronavirus Protection Policy

Coronavirus isn’t going to disappear and by March 2021 the World will still not be vaccinated. However, we cannot hide away from it in hope that some day it will all disappear and we must carry on with our lives ensuring that sensible measures are taken to limit the risks of contracting or spreading the virus. It is hoped that by next year there will be ease of movements that will allow events and gatherings to take place. What those guidelines turn out to be is anyone’s guess. Commsverse is planning its own measures to ensure the safety of everyone, not only our attendees, but everyone that they may come into contact with. This policy will be updated throughout for your protection.

Attendee Declaration

Every Attendee, Speaker, Exhibitor, Staff Member and Venue Support Staff is required to abide by and sign our COVID-19 declaration form. The form is designed to highlight the risks of attending the event but also your understanding and knowledge of the risks you and others pose to everyone. The form can be downloaded below.

You must download this form, read and sign it in INK. No digital signatures. The form must be completed, signed and dated no sooner than 24 hours before the event. Any declarations before this time, you will be required to complete a new form on arrival.

No Admittances

Under no circumstances will anyone be permitted entry to the event if they or anyone they have been in contact with have had COVID-19 symptoms within 21 days of the event. For the avoidance of doubt. You must be symptom free for 21 days prior to the event. You will not be permitted entry if any of the following scenarios have occurred within 21 days:

  • You or your live-in family have COVID-19 active symptoms regardless of whether you have recovered from the virus or not
  • You have been contacted by the track and trace service that you may have been in contact with someone showing COVID-19 symptoms
  • You are identified as a high-risk vulnerable person by the National Health Service
  • You have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms
  • You have been on trips to foreign countries, including the Republic of Ireland regardless of their current case severity

In addition, if your partner or anyone in your household works as a Key Worker you should not attend the conference in order to protect them from increased risks.


The following symptoms have been linked to COVID-19. If you are showing any of these prior to the event, including on the days you must not attend

  • A continuous cough
  • A high temperature
  • A new continuous cough that has lasted for more than one hour
  • You have had 3 continuous cough episodes within 24 hours
  • Loss or change in taste and smell
  • Coughing more than usual
  • Difficulty in breathing

Conditional Entry

When arriving at the venue, you must make your way to the testing area located outside the venue. The testing area is a secure area where you will be checked for early symptoms and provided general guidance for attending the conference. Your temperature must be below 37.8 degrees Celsius and you must not be showing any other signs of symptoms. You will be required to take a temperature check on entry to both days.

You must hand your declaration in at the testing station. The testing station will validate the declaration. You must show your face mask, pocket hand sanitizer and refillable water bottle to the tester as proof you have the correct personal protections with you.

If permitted entry, you must wear your face mask on entering the venue and wear this at all times inside when not eating or drinking. You must sanitize your hands before and after touching any fixture or fitting.

Commsverse reserves the right to cancel your attendance to event at any time if it suspects that you have symptoms of COVID-19.

If you start showing symptoms during the event you must notify the Commsverse organisers immediately so that we can notify the other attendees. You will be required to leave the conference for the remainder of the event.

Travel Restrictions

Where possible you must travel to the event using your own transport e.g. car or bike and ensure that when you exit your vehicle e.g. at a service station etc that you wear a mask at all times. If you are sharing your journey with others i.e.

  • By car (passenger)
  • Train
  • Taxi

You must wear a face mask for the entire journey.

Where possible, please keep at least 1 metre away from other people at all times.

Attendees from Abroad

Currently we are not permitting foreign attendees entry to Commsverse. This may change, but as of right now, there is a blanket ban on entry from any country other than the United Kingdom. The risk to you and others is too high and attending a conference is not critical for anyone to warrant making the journey. Please stay at home and look after yourself.

Speakers and Sponsors may be permitted special entry where their home country is not on the UK quarantine list. In any event, this will be subject to the agreement of Commsverse and in line with government, medical and our own guidelines.

Hygiene Guidelines

You must follow the following guidelines at all times

  • Sanitize your hands before and after using door handles
  • Place your belongings on the floor in front of you when seated in a session, or at the back of the room. DO NOT place belongings on empty chairs next to you
  • You must bring with you your own refillable water bottle. We recommend a bottle that can hold both hot and cold drinks. We will provide Tea, Coffee and filtered mains water stations.
  • Food will be served in individual containers.
  • You should remain at least 1 metre from everyone where possible
  • You should refrain from shaking hands, hugging or otherwise physically in contact with someone
  • You must wash your hands before and after any meal service or comfort break
  • Cutlery must be used once and returned to the appropriate station for disposal

Items to consider bringing with you for personal use

We also recommend that you bring with you the following items for your own personal use to minimise the risks for everyone

  • Your own sweetener or sugar sachets for your Tea or Coffee
  • Your own cordial concentrate such as the Robinison’s squeezable pocket sized juice
  • Your own mints or snacks
  • Pocket tissues
  • Alcohol based wet wipes
  • Vitamin tablets

Navigating the Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall will have a strict one way system that everyone must follow.

You must walk through the area in single file using two lanes keeping at least 1m of distance between the person in front of you. The left lane to be used to browse stands to your left and the right lane for stands to your right. You should not cross over to another lane unless it is safe to do so.

Each stand has 9 square meters of floorspace. This is enough for two sponsor staff, 2 attendees in conversation and two people waiting to speak keeping 1m distance between everyone. The image below outlines how a booth visit must be conducted.

The waiting and active positions will be highlighted on the floor of the stand. You must only enter the stand area if there is available space to do so. When finished talking with the exhibitor exit in the middle of the stand keeping 1m distance between everyone.

Session Seating

Due to the size of the rooms maintaining social distancing in sessions is impossible. There will be people sitting next to you and you must ensure that you wear your face mask. You must face forward at all times and avoid physical contact. When entering the room you must take the next available seat at the end of the aisle. You will be directed by staff to do so. Rooms will be filled from the rear. When leaving the room, rows will be dismissed one row at a time from the front. This is to avoid over crowding.

All seating will be disinfected between sessions. You will be allowed entry only after it is safe to do so.

Absolutely no eating in the session rooms.

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