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Diversity, Accessibility & Inclusion

We believe as a conference and community that we should all make every effort we reasonably can to appeal and cater for anyone.

It is not just Commsverse’s responsibility to uphold this policy, but everyone who attends, no matter what role they play. By attending Commsverse you agree to support our ethos to this regard.


We all are aware of the imbalances in technology, not only male vs female, but also racial and other labels used to classify people into a hierarchy and minority. At Commsverse we welcome everyone equally and without prejudice. We will not engage in political discussions publicly or privately. We will not promote or declare solidarity towards one cause or another. It is not for Commsverse to do so. We stand by everyone in a fair and equal stance whereby preference is not a measurable metric.

We believe in fair and equal treatment for everyone no matter what background or gender or any other label people want to use. To Commsverse, everyone is a person and many are people and this is our ethos. Ultimately, we believe this is what people are striving for in all theatres of life. We want to provide a safe, secure and equal environment for like minded people to come and share their passion and experiences freely, without judgement or persecution.

We welcome anyone to speak, to attend and to otherwise participate. We give the same choices and opportunities to everyone without bias. We do not believe is setting targets for how many Women or people from certain ethnic backgrounds must be at our events as that distracts everyone from what ultimately Commsverse is about. We believe in concentrating on removing bias within our language, publications and operations that we will succeed in creating an environment whereby diversity is no longer seen as battle against equality, but a natural and integral part of our society.

We pledge:

  • We will not judge people based on their gender, colour, features, sound, size or any other definable categorisation used to persecute them
  • We will treat everyone fairly in situations where we have to make a decision that could affect them (e.g. speaking) and base our decisions solely on the criteria defined to make such a decision
  • We will not use stereotypical language or biased language either verbally or written
  • We will respect peoples own wishes and needs no matter what they are
  • We will welcome everyone who wants to participate in Commsverse in the same way without judgemental attitudes
  • We will not tolerate other people’s behaviour towards others that is not in keeping with our ethos
  • We will support anyone in need and endeavour to ensure that their fears or concerns are taken seriously and resolved to the best of our ability
  • We will listen to people to better educate ourselves to ensure everyone feels safe and welcome


We believe we cater for everyone’s needs so that they can attend and participate in Commsverse not matter what personal challenges they may face. All rooms and floors are accessible and friendly to all types of accessibility needs.

If you require any specialist provisions to attend, please let us know before the conference by emailing [email protected] with your needs and we shall do our best to ensure your experience is great.


We believe everyone should have the same opportunities to participate in Commsverse. We have invested in technology to ensure that no matter what ability people have, they will be able to participate.

All presentations will be live transcribed. There will be second screens in rooms to minimise the distance between projection and seat. We will be able to broadcast presentations to personal devices. All speakers will be rigged with microphones and a PA system.

Priority seating has been identified. If you require a sign language interpreter, we have a relationship with an agency that can provide a BSL qualified interpreter to accompany you in the sessions you want to participate in. If you require this service, please let us know as soon as possible and we shall ensure that they are booked.

Behaviour Policy

In line with our Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion policies we expect all participants in Commsverse to adhere to them and respect peoples wishes for the interest and enjoyment of everyone

In attending or participating in online activities at Commsverse, you pledge to uphold the following ethos

  • You will not use discriminatory behaviour towards other people
  • You will not make fun, or otherwise persecute a person or people even if you think it is light hearted
  • You will use inclusive language when addressing gatherings and not stereotype
  • You will not make jokes or comments about people that could be offensive to them or others no matter what the context
  • You will be sensitive to other people’s needs and ensure that you take appropriate action to make them feel comfortable
  • You will not swear or demonstrate any aggressive behaviour towards anyone
  • You will not bully or harass a person or groups of people
  • You will remain responsible for yourself and remain professional at all times
  • You will not get blind drunk or be under the influence or in the distribution of banned substances
  • You will be vigilant to those who break these rules and report them to Commsverse for disciplinary action to be taken

Any person reported to Commsverse in breach of this behaviour policy will receive disciplinary action based on the severity of the incident. This may include:

  • A verbal warning
  • A suspension from the event for the remainder of the day
  • A suspension from the event for the remainder of the event
  • A suspension from the event with immediate effect and a ban on attending future events for an unlimited duration
  • Involvement with the appropriate authorities in cases where the law has been broken

In all cases the decision of the appropriate action will be taken by Commsverse and that will be absolute. You do not have right to appeal or seek compensation as a result of your actions.

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