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Event Doesn’t Load For Me

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In order to watch our sessions you must be logged in to our conference Teams tenant using your regforme.com account. If you don’t know what this is, you can find it in your control panel.

If you have this and you are still having trouble, please read the following support article about joining our conference

In addition, there is a nuanced behaviour that could cause the event not to load and you’re facing a white screen. This happens if this is your first time logging in with your regforme account and you are attempting to login via a session join link.

To solve this, close down your browser or Teams client. Open your client or a new browser instance and login to Teams directly without clicking on the session join link.

Complete the login process. Then once done, click the session join link again to join the event.

The other issue which you may come across is that if you are joining via the web client, when you click the join link you will be prompted to launch the Teams client if it senses that Teams is installed on your machine. Make sure you cancel this and Launch via web

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