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Advertising In-Venue

Each sponsor has the opportunity for their branding to be advertised on the venue digital signage found throughout the venue. There are 3 giant displays in the venue: Above the main elevators on the

Attendee Demographics

Commsverse is a community technical conference. We attract the majority of our attendees from the IT Professional demographic from around the world that come to Commsverse to network and learn from each other. As

Badge Scanning

For this conference you will need to generate your own leads for mailing lists and follow up post event. All attendees will have a unique QR code printed on their conference badge. Exhibitors will

Booth Selection

Each sponsor will be able to select their preferred booth position. Headline sponsors will get first pick, followed by Gold and then Silver. Each sponsor will be contacted when booth selection opens for their

Competitions & Surveys

Each exhibitor is free to create their own competitions and surveys to encourage attendees to engage with them. These incentives can be externally hosted and advertised on your booth page and / or our

Exhibition Booth

Booth Provision Each sponsor regardless tier is provided with 3 x 3 meters of space on the exhibition floor to demonstrate their wares. The maximum height of the floor is 4 meters. The sponsor

Logistic Information

Please ensure that you are familiar with the order of proceedings and call to actions here. Failure to adhere to these may result in your experience being limited Venue Location Setup All stand setup

Pre-Event Party

The pre-event party will be held at the Brooklands Air Museum which is located behind Mercedes-Benz World and a 5 minute walk.(https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/). The party will take place in the Aircraft Factory hangar. All registered

Speaking Sessions

Depending on your sponsorship level you may be entitled to a speaking session at the conference. Tracks Commsverse operate 5 different learning tracks for attendees to follow based on their professional skill set. Attendees

Sponsor Level Entitlements

Exhibition Sponsorship Commsverse operates a 3 tiered exhibition sponsorship hierarchy. Each tier has been created with value and budget in mind. Please ensure that you understand the benefits of each. The 3 tiers are:

Staffing Information

Exhibitor Staffing Provision has been made for a certain number of staff members to attend from each sponsor depending on your sponsorship level. These limits are: Carbon = up to 5 members Gold =

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