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Advertising In-Venue

Each sponsor has the opportunity for their branding to be advertised on the venue digital signage found throughout the venue. There are 3 giant displays in the venue:

  • Above the main elevators on the ground floor immediately visible on entrance
  • On the first floor before walking over the air bridge to the exhibition floor and by the exploded F1 car exhibit
  • On the exhibition floor itself

In accordance with your sponsorship benefit you may advertise on these screens.


You may provide a HD image resolution 1920 x 1080p in JPEG or non-transparent PNG format that does not exceed 5MB.


Videos can be played on these screens, but please be aware that they do not play sound. Any videos that have talking must include subtitles. Format for the video must be 1920 x 1080p resolution, 30fps encoded with H.264 and no greater than 500MB in size.


All screens are located in high volume transit areas within the venue. A person on average will spend no more than 12 to 15 seconds watching a video and less than 10 seconds on a static image advert. Therefore, you should design your adverts to clearly identify the call to action you want the attendee to perform. The maximum video duration we can support is 30 seconds. Anymore than that it is taking up too much time for little in return.

Videos and images will be played on a loop throughout the day. How many times your advert appears depends on the size of the loop. There will be no statistics on the number of times an advert has been shown or how many people saw it.

You can have different adverts displayed on different days. All adverts must be submitted to us 21 days before the event as the signage is managed by an external supplier and this is the lead time needed to schedule them. Any adverts received within 21 days of the event will not be displayed.

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