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Attendee Demographics

Commsverse is a community technical conference. We attract the majority of our attendees from the IT Professional demographic from around the world that come to Commsverse to network and learn from each other. As such it is important that our content and conference is structured to suit these types of people.

In the main, IT Pros will be familiar with Teams and spend their working days helping customers or their organisation deploy, manage and use Teams on a technical basis. They may not all be decision makers, but people with real influence over the strategic and technical direction a company may take.

Our 2021 demographic is on a trajectory to include

  • 65% – IT Pro
  • 20% – Strategic Leads
  • 10% – Decision Makers
  • 5% – Business Change

IT Pro

Within the IT Pro demographic we are expecting 70% of these to be working within the Microsoft Partner ecosystem and a mixture of Consultants, Pre-Sales Specialists and Managed Service Engineers. Often these people will identify use cases and needs from their customers that can only be met using ISV / Vendor products and solutions. They use their knowledge of the products and services in the marketplace to advise their customers on their options. This means as a sponsor, it is useful to build relationships with these people as they are able to recommend and exact a level of influence on to the end customer that may lead to a sale and longer partnership. Even where sponsors have existing relationship with the person or employer of, a conference of this nature can be extremely valuable as it offers the opportunity to meet face to face, demonstrate new services or products and strengthen that bond between partner and consultant.

The organisers of Commsverse all work for within the Microsoft Partner network and history has proven that more sales are generated by Technical Consultants and Architects than the employed Sales staff. We identify up-sells based on requirements and that leads to a healthy relationship between ISV, Partner and Customer.

The remaining 30% we are expecting from end customer IT. These people will be a mixture of System Administrators, 2nd / 3rd Line Support Engineers and Product Specialists.

These people will also want to talk to technical people from their key sponsors about the specifics of a product or service. It is important that you have at least one technical member of staff on hand to answer these questions e.g. Technical Pre-Sales Managers / Solution Architect vs Sales focussed people e.g. Account Managers or Marketing Managers.

Strategic Leads

A Strategic Lead is a person that holds the responsibility of directing the business strategy for an organisation. This person has direct influence over the corporate IT roadmap and consult / advise directly with the business decision makers. These types of people will hold positions such as Architect, Product Manager, Strategic IT Lead, Director of Strategy etc.

These people will hold a certain level of knowledge of Teams at a technical level and will be assimilate technical content into business goals and strategy. They will come to Commsverse for mid-range technical content (Level 200 – with some 300) over a wide variety of subject matters. They will also want to network with sponsors and have demonstrations on wares as well as more in-depth semi-technical / strategy conversation vs that of the IT Pro.

We are expecting the majority of this demographic from end customer IT (65-75%) with the remaining coming from the Partner network

Decision Makers

Decision makers are those who essentially hold the purchase power at an organisation. They will hold job roles with Manager, Director or CxO. They will be coming to Commsverse to get a high level overview of Teams and what is on offer. They will more than likely attend the elevator pitch sessions as well as Level 100 technical sessions and spend a lot of time on the exhibition floor finding out more about your products and services.

Business Change

These people will come from end customer IT ACM (Adoption Change Management) roles. They are responsible for corporate communications and training to ensure successful uptake of Teams and accompanying solutions. They will invariably only attend adoption specific sessions as well as some light (level 100) sessions in more focussed areas. They will be interested in how products work and what support vendors have with regards to awareness / adoption and training.

In summary, we appeal to the more technically minded professional. They want real world examples, tangible actions they can take away and implement and hands on with products and solutions with in-depth knowledge.

For an exhibitor to be successful at Commsverse they will need to ensure that they have suitable staff on hand to answer laser focussed questions in good detail as well as others who can have the more subtle business conversation with our other attendees. Our attendees do not like the “i need to take this offline” answer. They come to Commsverse for answers to questions they cannot get anywhere else. We will be surveying our attendees on this metric as part of our satisfaction survey.

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