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Competitions & Surveys

Each exhibitor is free to create their own competitions and surveys to encourage attendees to engage with them. These incentives can be externally hosted and advertised on your booth page and / or our promotions list inside the mobile app and on the conference website.

You may also use our competition and lead generation tool called Swagit (https://swagit.io) for live raffle or survey based competition entries.


This tool has been developed by Commsverse to enhance attendee engagement with the conference and exhibitors. It is free for anyone to use. However, for the full features an account must be created on the website. The concept of the site is simple. Live raffle by random selection that people can join from any device, quickly and easily with minimum effort and information. There are two modes the site can operate in

  1. Live Draw
  2. Competition Draw

Live Draw

This is the quickest and easiest method and should be used when there is a captive audience and you want to run the raffle instantaneously . Such a use case is within a session. From creation to draw takes only a few seconds.

  1. Prize giver creates a draw and displays the draw page on projected screen and instructs audience to go to URL
  2. Audience uses their device to go to swagit.io and enter a 4 digit unique draw code. They are prompted to enter a screen name (this can be any name, even an alter-ego)
  3. When the prize giver is ready to select a winner they press the draw button and a winner is randomly selected from the participants
  4. The winner is notified and should come and collect their prize immediately

This mode is a fun, low-friction way of engaging with the audience. The audience device must remain connected to swagit (i.e. draw page open in browser) to still be entered. Therefore, this mode is not suitable for competitions that need extended periods of time to draw in potential players e.g. stand competitions.

Competition Draw

The competition draw is a mode that is suitable for competitions that need to be open for a period of time to collect entrants before the prize giver decides to choose a winner. In this mode the players are required to enter their name and email address to enter. They can leave the page once entered and wait to be notified if they have won or not.

This mode can be enriched with a survey the player must complete in order to be entered into the competition. This can be useful for the exhibitor to capture important information about the entrant or general market data as a condition of entry to the competition.

When the prize giver is ready to select a winner, simply start the draw. The winner is notified by email and once drawn, the prize giver is able to download an Excel containing the survey details of every entrant that can be used as lead generation activities. Swagit comes with a GDPR disclaimer that grants the prize giver the right to contact the entrant about subjects they may be interested in.

Step 1 – Create an account on swagit.io

Go to https://swagit.io and click on my account and register

Step 2 – Create a new draw from the my account page

Enter the draw title and the name of the prize entrants will be competing for. The end of draw URL is where entrants will be redirected to automatically after entering the draw. This can be any web URL. Next select the Draw type: Competition Draw Choose the number of winners (default 1) and the date / time entries close

Step 3 – Create a Survey (optional)

You can choose to require entrants to complete a short survey as a condition of entry. From the draw settings page, click Add Question You can add as many questions as you want, but for usability we recommend no more than 4. Question types can be:

  • Text
  • Selection Box
  • Check box

For selection and checboxes, define the selectable values using the following format value 1|value2|value3

Step 4 – Advertise your competition

Advertise your competition to attendees using the Promotions feature or in-person on your stand, social media etc. The attendees will need two pieces of information; the URL https://swagit.io and the draw code (found at the top of your draw screen). For simplicity these two pieces of information can be combined into a unique URL https://swagit.io/code e.g. https://swagit.io/8550 to enter straight into the draw.

The entrant will then have to complete the entry criteria

Step 5 – Run the Draw

Draws do not automatically take place. You must go to swagit and click my account and open the draw you want to complete. When ready, press the start draw button (this appears as soon as there is one or more entries). It takes 10 seconds to pick a winner. The winner and you will be emailed and it will be your responsibility to fulfil the prize

Step 6 – Download the Entries

Download the entries from Swagit to use for your lead generation activities


Promotions in the mobile app is a dedicated space to advertise your promotions at the conference. This could be related to Swagit or another tool or condition of your choosing. To add a promotion, go to the exhibitor center on the conference website and create a promotion. There is no limit to the number of promotions you can run. However, Commsverse reserves the right to remove ones that are deemed to be spammy or not in keeping with the intended function of the promotions tool.

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