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Booth Provision

Each sponsor regardless tier is provided with 3 x 3 meters of space on the exhibition floor to demonstrate their wares. The maximum height of the floor is 4 meters.

The sponsor will be responsible for furnishing the booth with their branding materials and wares. Printing, banners and other materials are not part of the sponsor package. It is worth noting that there is no buffer or walk space between booth blocks so attendees cannot walk around the outside of your stand. The entry point will be the front facing the aisle the stand is aligned on and they may walk within the area defined as your booth.

As a sponsor you are free to design and build your own stand requirements as long as they fit in the defined space. Hanging items from the ceiling is generally problematic as the venue will require you to work with their own suppliers because they will not let just anyone modify the building structures. Everything you supply must be freestanding.

Sticking items to walls is strictly not permitted.

Booths are not partitioned, there are no screen dividers between spaces, it is all open plan. As an idea we expect the majority of sponsors to utilise the table provided and bring their own roller, cylinder or pop-up backdrop banners that look similar to this picture:

Standard Layout

Each stand will be laid out in the following configuration

Sponsors have the option of adding items such as hard wired internet and TV Displays. Please see additional extras below.

If you do not require the table and chairs, please let us know and we shall ensure that they are not installed to your space. This does not reduce any costs to you.

Poseur Layout

You have an option to replace the table and chairs with 2 Poseur tables (bar tables). This is suitable for sponsors who sell services or solutions that do not require a physical display. If you would prefer this layout, please purchase the item below (free) to order this change.

Custom Layout

You can also bring your own stand. As long as it fits within your allocated dimensions. Note that we have the exhibition hall for 1/2 day the day before the event (Sunday) and any building of stands must be complete in this timeframe. Similarly we have 2 hours to de-rig post event, so the stand must be collapsable and vacated in this time.

Construction Guidance

  • Any structure that requires tools to erect e.g. screwdrivers, step ladders, drills etc. you must submit a risk assessment and method statement for build and tear down 3 weeks prior to the event. Roller banners, popup banners do not need these.

  • Any structures or items that require 2 hands to carry or more than one person must be delivered to the exhibition hall via the logistics goods inward yard. Large bulky items will not be permitted through the front entrance. Please note that the front entrance is a 3 partition revolving door. Small items that can be carried over the shoulder or in one hand are permitted via the front entrance.

  • All stand builds must be completed the day before the conference. Due to the nature and layout of the conference we cannot permit stands to be built on the conference days due to health and safety. This is a conference and venue requirement. Any late arrivals will not be permitted.

  • De-rig of stands cannot commence until the attendees have left the building. Therefore, you should plan your de-rig at 4pm on the last day and mist vacate the venue by 6pm.

Health and Safety

  • There is no storage on site for cardboard or travel cases. All packaging must be removed from the building once the stand is built. Commsverse will have a transit van which can be used in limited cases and where space permits

  • Any cables must be concealed away from the foot space. Where this cannot be achieved, you must provide anti-trip cable covers for your items. These must be hazard taped to the floor.

  • You are not permitted to place items such as literature stands or signs in the aisles. All materials must remain in your designated space

  • Your stand and wares must not extrude into the aisles or into your neighbours exhibition space

  • You must not use a PA system on your stand. This includes music speakers. This is a venue restriction.

PAT Testing

The venue require every electrical device to be tested for safety. This is called a PAT Test. All UK sponsors should ensure that their wares, including staff laptops have a valid test certificate attached to the plug or device.

For international sponsors and for UK sponsors who cannot supply a valid certificate a PAT Testing technician will be on-site the day before to test your equipment.

If you know how many devices need to be tested, please purchase the required number of tests below

On-site PAT Testing

£2.50 ex VAT (per device)

Additional Extras

There are some items that can be changed, added or hired beyond the standard offering. These are not included in your package and require additional payment.

Visual Displays

55″ LCD TV on freestanding mount. Height adjustable between 1m and 1.8m. Price includes 2 days hire and standard HDMI cable connectivity

£250.00 ex VAT

Wired Internet

Single Cat 5e Internet enabled connection supplied to stand

£75.00 ex VAT

Poseur Table Layout

Replace the trestle table and chairs layout to standing bar tables (x2). Note: bar stools not provided


Additional Power Socket

1 x additional 240v 3-Pin UK power outlet installed to booth

£50.00 ex VAT

Travel Adapter

International travel adapter to British 3-pin fused standard. USA, EU, CH and Aus compatible

£13.32 ex VAT

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