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Logistic Information

Please ensure that you are familiar with the order of proceedings and call to actions here. Failure to adhere to these may result in your experience being limited

Venue Location


All stand setup must be completed between 13:30 and 18:00 on Sunday 7th March. Under no circumstances are sponsors allowed to setup their stands in the morning of the 8th March. This is due to the fact the exhibition hall is the nerve center of the conference and this is where attendees will congregate, eat, drink and use as a center point to access all session rooms. As a result, we cannot allow stands to be built when attendees are in the venue due to the risk of injury from construction or packaging. This is not negotiable as our insurances will not cover liability for injury claims where responsible measures have not been taken and the venue will not allow this for similar reasons too.


The event closes to attendees at 15:30 March 9th 2021. As a main session room is located directly off the exhibition floor no de-rigging of stands can commence until this room is vacant for similar health and safety reasons. De-rig must commence from 15:30. All materials and personnel must be removed from the venue by no later than 18:00 on the 9th March. Failure to vacate by this time will incur a late opening charge by the venue that will be invoiced to the company responsible for the delay.


Deliveries in advance of the conference can be accepted by the venue. Due to the limited space available at the venue, all deliveries must be pre-booked with the venue in advance of organising your shipment. This is to make sure that the venue has enough space to accept the delivery.

Please contact Rose Bennett ([email protected]) in the first instance to seek authority for your shipment.

All packages must be labelled as follows:

FAO Rose Bennett
Mercedes-Benz World
Brooklands Drive
KT13 0SL
United Kingdom

Deliveries can be accepted on Friday 5th March and not before.

Venue Restrictions

The venue is a brand center for Mercedes-Benz. Therefore, it has very strict rules on what people can and cannot do in order to maintain the image and grandeur of the venue and Mercedes Brand. People not respecting these rules may be asked to leave the venue by the venue staff. Commsverse does not have any control over this.

Venue Operations

The venue is a brand center of excellence for Mercedes-Benz. It is also a fully functional dealership and service center that deal with all Mercedes cars from A Class to AMG and Maybach luxury limousines. Although Commsverse has hired all function space, the venue will remain open to Mercedes customers and members of the public coming to track experiences and also to browse exhibits during our conference. There may be families and young children within the venue. It is important that everyone who attends Commsverse is aware of this and that responsible measures must be taken to ensure that people remain safe and are not inconvenienced by our activities.

Front Entrance

You are not permitted to park in front of the main entrance at all. This includes drop off of items. The entrance is an automatic revolving door. The only items you are permitted to bring through this entrance are a rucksack that holds your laptop and a lightweight item that can be carried in one hand by one person.


All items that are bulky, this includes requiring two hands or more than one person to carry into the venue must be unloaded in the delivery yard at the rear of the venue. Entry to the delivery yard is on a pre-booked time slot only. Please email Rose Bennett with your estimated time of arrival and vehicle registration plate and await confirmation before making your final preparations.


Under no circumstance park in the dealership car park. This is for Mercedes customers only. Please use the car park labelled for the event which can be found opposite the main entrance.


There are no storage facilities in the venue for travel cases or packaging. Please ensure that you are able to store this off site.

Opening Times

The venue will be open for the event at the following times:

Sunday March 7th 

  • Open to Exhibitors only for setup 13:30 to 18:00

Monday March 8th

  • Open to Attendees and Exhibitors from 08:00am
  • Closes 20:00 for all

Tuesday March 9th

  • Open to Attendees and Exhibitors from 08:00am
  • Closes to Attendees at 15:30
  • Closes to Exhibitors at 18:00

Please ensure that your staff are in attendance at all times as items left on stand unattended are done so at your own risk.


All sponsor staff should register and collect their conference badge on Sunday 7th March at either the venue or at the pre-event party. If this is not possible, then they can collect their badge during general registration on Monday or Tuesday. They will have to queue with others, there will be no priority check-in provided.

Insurances and Protections

Please note that you will be required to purchase your own exhibitor insurance for the event to cover damage or loss to your equipment. Neither the Venue or Commsverse accept any responsibility for the damage or loss of equipment belonging to you whilst at the event.

Activity Participation

Your staff are welcome to participate in the activities we have planned such as F1 Simulator, RC racing competitions, escape rooms etc. during the hired times (18:00 and 19:30 Monday 8th) but they will be excluded from winning any prizes.

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