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Sponsor Level Entitlements

Exhibition Sponsorship

Commsverse operates a 3 tiered exhibition sponsorship hierarchy. Each tier has been created with value and budget in mind. Please ensure that you understand the benefits of each. The 3 tiers are:

  1. Headline
  2. Gold
  3. Silver

Silver is the entry level for exhibiting sponsors. As tier’s increase, each inherits the features of the former. This means that Headline sponsors get all the benefits of Silver and Gold plus additional benefits only available for Headline sponsors.

There are limits on the number of sponsors per tier. These limits are:

  • Headline = maximum of 2 sponsors
  • Gold = maximum of 10 sponsors
  • Silver = maximum of 25 sponsors

Silver Benefits

This is the entry level for exhibition sponsors. Ideally placed to provide guarateed space in a high volume footfall location close to conference amenities (food, water stations, conveniences and main breakout rooms).

  • 1 x 3x3m space for booth (1 x 6ft trestle table with table cloth and 2 chairs provided)
  • Premium exhibitor 70mbps wireless internet
  • Access to badge scan / lead generation tools on conference mobile app
  • up to 2 staff members including food and drinks
  • Dedicated exhibitor landing page on Commsverse website and in-app
  • Access to communicate with attendees pre, during and post event using the Commsverse social network on website and in-app
  • 1 x feature post on the Commsverse blog and shared out to our mailing list
  • At least 2 x dedicated social media posts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) reaching a combined following of approx 2,000
  • 30 second space for 1 x digital advert for venue signage (PNG or silent video) supplied by exhibitor

GOLD Benefits

In addition to the benefits of Silver, Gold sponsors also receive the following:

  • up to 3 staff members dedicated for booth duty
  • 1 x 15 minute elevator pitch session
  • 1 x Speaker pass
  • Pre-Book Booth number
  • 1 x 30 second space for silent video on venue digital signage
  • 2 x 10 second space for static PNG image adverts on venue digital signage
  • 1 x 25 second space for advert video played during the warm up to the conference keynote

Headline Benefits

In addition to Silver and Gold, the Headline sponsor will receive:

  • 1 x 45 minute technical breakout session (replaces 15-minute elevator)
  • up to 4 staff members for booth duty
  • 1 x Speaker pass
  • Logo etched into lighting and projected onto wall to the side of the main stage at all times during the conference
  • Logo displayed on all slides in the official Commsverse PowerPoint Deck
  • Logo displayed on loop in session rooms during swap over
  • 1 x feature video / interview prior to the event to showcase your products and services
  • 1 x 1/2 day time block for dedicated hands on lab or workshop in private space for key prospects

Event SponsorSHIP

Commsverse also offers other types of sponsorship packages and benefits that are independent of exhibition sponsorship. These packages do not come with exhibition space, but offer companies the opportunity to showcase their brand and products in more cost effective ways.

These can be purchased independently or in addition to exhibition sponsorship packages.

Registration Sponsor

As a registration sponsor your logo will be printed on all attendee and speaker badges for the event. In addition all lanyards will be printed with your logo on and given to all attendees and speakers on arrival.

You will also have the first opportunity to interact with attendees by being able to hand out your materials (e.g. flyers, bags etc.) at the registration area giving you the opportunity to make a great first impression.

Note: printing of badges and lanyards is included in your sponsorship along with the rights granted by Commsverse to station up to 2 staff members at the registration area to hand out materials. The supply of any hand out materials is not included. The sponsor must supply those themselves if they wish.

Energy Sponsor

Attendees spend hours on their digital devices. Inevitably these need to be charged throughout the day. Capture attendee’s eyes with your brand by sponsoring one of our device charging tables.

This package includes a full colour CYMK vinyl print of custom artwork attached to the table and placed in the exhibition hall close to the food and water stations. You may also enrich this package by providing flyers or other promotional materials that can be placed on these tables throughout the conference.

1 x staff member pass included

Session Sponsor

Sponsoring a session is a good way to introduce your brand to a captive audience in a fun and engaging way.

A prize will be given away to an audience member by raffle. The raffle is a live and interactive game that allows you to display your logo and custom background on every entrant’s mobile or computer device. Furthermore this allows you to redirect entrants to a custom landing page that can advertise your services in more detail and after the draw has completed you will be able to download a list of entrants so that you can follow up with them post session

Note: sponsors can indicate which session they would like to sponsor but this cannot be guaranteed. Allocations on a first come. first served basis. Attendance in sessions may vary between 40 and 100 people. No guarantees on minimum numbers or entrants to competitions

Digital sponsor

A digital sponsor package is for companies who cannot attend the conference physically but still want their name and brand showcased.

This package includes the following

  • A Dedicated sponsor page on the Commsverse conference website and mobile app
  • Logo displayed on website and in attendee app
  • 1 x 30 minute pre-recorded session that will be uploaded to the Commsverse website and attendee app
  • 1 x 25 second silent video space to be played within the venue during the conference played in loop
  • 2 x 10 second static advert images played in loop at the venue

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