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Staffing Information

Exhibitor Staffing

Provision has been made for a certain number of staff members to attend from each sponsor depending on your sponsorship level.

These limits are:

  • Carbon = up to 5 members
  • Gold = up to 4 members
  • Silver = up to 2 members
As an exhibitor staff member they will be entitled to have full use of the conference facilities including watching sessions, taking part in activities, all food and drink. In addition they will have access to the conference mobile app to scan attendee’s badges for lead generation.


Staff members are welcome to participate in conference activities such as F1 simulator competitions etc. as part of networking during the hired times of the exhibit. Where prizes can be won, the staff member is excluded from winning a prize. If a staff member wins a competition, the prize will be awarded to the next best person who is an attendee.

Registering Staff

Please register your staff here.


Additional Staff Members

Any sponsor may invite more members of staff to join them at the conference. Tickets for these members are not subsidised by your sponsor package and therefore are full cost tickets that include badge printing, food and drink for both days.

Exhibitors must not purchase attendee tickets for their staff as they will not be allowed on stand or access to the event app as a staff member. Furthermore, the venue has a hard limit of attendees. Every attendee ticket purchased by an exhibitor means one less real attendee

Note: These are limited in quantity and on a first come, first served basis

£120.00 ex VAT

Dynamic Staffing

Dynamic staffing is where a sponsor requests that two or more staff members share the same “pass” and arrive at the conference in shifts. This means that person A attends on Day 1 and Person 2 on Day 2. Neither of these people attend at the same time.

We do allow dynamic staffing for all sponsors. This is limited to an entire day. This means that you can nominate one person to attend on Day 1 and another to attend on Day 2. There is no charge for this. Please contact us if you have this requirement.

For more advanced staffing requirements, where staff need to cross over on the same day e.g. morning / afternoon, then there will be an additional charge for this of £30.00 ex VAT per additional person.

Staff Changes

We recognise that staff can change between purchase and event. If you need to change a staff member on your booking, please contact us [email protected] with the details of your change.

Staff changes received more than 30 days prior to the event can be changed for free. Changes within 30 days of the event will incur an additional charge of £15.00 ex VAT to cover the cost of badge printing and delivery on a special order basis.

Staff Behaviour

We are a professional event and we expect a high level of courtesy and respect by everyone at all times. 

Your staff members are not only representing your brand and reputation, but also ours as a conference. Please make sure that they adhere to the following rules:

  • They must wear your branded uniform whilst at the conference e.g. t-shirt with logo, name badge etc. Long trousers or business dress and smart shoes. No shorts, sandals, or attire that is overly revealing

  • They must be respectful to everyone including your competitors. No over crowding, hanging out by competitor stands, shouting to get peoples attention from another stand. 

  • Absolutely no swearing, bullying or discriminatory language. This is a zero tolerance rule. Any complaints will lead to that person being ejected from the conference. In severe cases, the entire personnel from the sponsor may be asked to leave.

  • We want people to have fun and relax. There will be alcohol either provided or purchasable. We ask that your staff enjoy themselves, but act responsibly. Drunken behaviour will not be tolerated and any such behaviour will be dealt with in accordance with the severity of it.

Refunds & Cancellations

Should the event be cancelled, you will be entitled to a refund on your staff member tickets.

If you need to cancel a ticket for the event and the event is going ahead as planned then you may do so at any time. Please take a moment to understand the refund terms of doing so here:

  • Greater than 30 days before the event = 100% of staff ticket price
  • Between 30 and 15 days before the event = 50% of the staff ticket price
  • 14 days or less to the event = no refund

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