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Microsoft Teams phone system

Altigen Communications specialises in Teams Tenant Configuration for professional Services. 

Our customisable Omni-Channel Contact Centre, deployed in Azure, offers full reporting and monitoring plus call recording to give your customers the ability to work efficiently and safely in a modern workplace.


Direct Routing

Teams direct routing

Altigen's Direct Routing SIP service provides secure high quality PSTN voice services for Microsoft Teams Phone System at significant cost savings compared to Microsoft Calling Plans. Our management portal makes it a snap to setup Team Users, and port and assign telephone numbers. We also assist customers and partners in the deployment, with user training and support of Teams Phone System.


Teams Omni-Channel Contact Centre

FrontStage is our integrated omni-channel contact centre solution providing routing and queuing of phone calls, web chats, SMS, email, fax and social media messages. Designed as a native Teams application, FrontStage is deployed in Azure and delivered as a fully cloud managed service, including 24x7 support.

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Teams Phone System Deployment System

Building upon our years of expertise developing Microsoft-based Unified Communications solutions, we've developed a comprehensive Teams Phone System Deployment Program addressing everything from migration planning to end user training and support. Specifically designed for Microsoft Partners, our teams of experts will help you every step of the way to get your customers up and running on Teams Phone System.


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Paul Fullman

Vice President EMEA

Jeremiah Fleming


Mark Sexauer

Director Microsoft Solutions

Mark Allen

Director Microsoft Solutions


If you’d like to learn more about our Microsoft Teams products and services, why not join us at one of our live sessions below?


08:00 BST

Omni-Channel Contact Centre for microsoft teams

Full Omni-Channel Contact Centre natively integrated into Microsoft Teams deployed in Azure. Key enterprise business solutions with support for Automation through Intelligent IVR, AI and BOT framework. Governance Management with GDPR module ensuring Companies Comply with EU rules, Migration strategy with ability to integrate with Legacy PBX during the migration process for business continuity. Presented by Paul Fullman, VP of Sales for EMEA.


19:00 BST
11:00 PDT

Driving Digital Transformation with Teams Phone System

Microsoft Teams has grown from less than 10M users last year to more than 75M users today. With Teams becoming the standard for enterprise communications and collaboration, companies are looking to replace their proprietary PBX systems with Teams Phone System. This session will address how to successfully migrate to Teams Phone System and how Altigen’s solutions and services can help. Presented by Jeremiah Fleming, President and CEO of Altigen Communications.


22:00 BST
14:00 PDT

Integrated Solutions for Microsoft Teams Phone System

To deploy Teams Phone System, it’s critical to replace and enhance the functionality of the existing PBX. Our Azure-based Direct Routing, Auto Attendant, enhanced Workgroup Routing & Queuing, and Contact Center solutions natively integrate with Teams to completely replace an organization’s proprietary PBX. For customers, and on behalf of partners, we deliver Teams Phone System as the enterprise-wide communications solution. Presented by Mark Sexauer, Director of Microsoft Solutions.

Teams Phone System

Teams Phone System allows you to replace your existing PBX system with a set of integrated business phone system features tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 and delivered from the Microsoft cloud.

Companies can easily migrate to Teams Phone System simply by adding the appropriate Microsoft 365 licenses, many of which are already included in Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans.


Altigen's Microsoft Teams Phone System Brochure

Already Microsoft’s fastest growing application, the need to support employees in the New Modern Workplace era has caused Microsoft Teams deployments to accelerate resulting in more than 75 million business users at more than 500,000 organizations worldwide. Take a look at the different solutions we have to offer.

Altigen's Partner Program Overview Brochure

Whether your organization currently has a Voice Practice, or you simply want to take advantage of the new incremental revenue opportunity with Teams Phone System without having to invest in additional technical resources, our Partner Program has been designed to adapt to your business objectives.

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