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anynode is a total software based Session Border Controller that enables multiple SIP-endpoints to communicate with one another seamlessly. With anynode and Direct Routing you can connect to all telephony trunk or interconnect with 3rd-party PBX.

let's connect with teams direct routing

With Direct Routing, you can connect anynode to almost any telephony trunk or interconnect with third-party PBX equipment.

Microsoft only supports Phone System if a certified device is connected through Direct Routing. After comprehensive tests, any­node is being officially certified by Microsoft for Direct Routing. This gives our customers the added benefit of a joined support process.

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Michael Stelling


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Edwin Oyakhilome


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Predefined templates

Our list of anynode predefined configuration templates for all significant PBX vendors will be updated monthly.

numbers - easy to port

anynode, and Direct Routing effortlessly provides local PSTN connectivity to preferred providers.

minimal investment

anynode can be co-located with existing investments in a data center on-premises. anynode is also available in Azure and AWS marketplaces.

anynode is a pure software solution that offers many advantages in comparison to basic hardware solutions such as quick and straightforward access to the user interface.

Outstanding reliability, stability, and availability are the key requirements for ideal communication in every company. We maintain technological
partnerships with communications companies. We regularly undergo certifications to remain on the cutting edge for our customers.

anynode is ideal for all applications. Up to 2000 sessions can be used simultaneously per instance. Several features can be licensed optionally, if needed.

anynode can reduce your security risks! By using anynode, you will be able to change your non-secure VoIP connections into secure connections to
guarantee a secure call. anynode can use TLS and SRTP for voice and fax communications. anynode can secure your environment from attempts of eavesdropping or manipulation.

If necessary, anynode terminates media streams to forward them to another endpoint.

Using anynode, multiple SIP user agents can be connected virtually, making communication between incompatible SIP gateways possible.

anynode supports today’s industry-standard protocols, and it’s also compatible with the majority of terminal devices from different manufacturers.

anynode’s central location between several VoIP endpoints, will enable legally recorded conversations for regulatory purposes if it is required.

Virtualization in the context of VoIP? Only a software solution like anynode makes it possible. Cluster
scenarios are easier to plan and implement.
Operational and maintenance costs are less.
Installation and upgrades are performed without
having to deal with hardware.

anynode is the ideal solution for connectivity in the SIP-to-SIP world. It supports numerous IP
infrastructure features. Missing features can, in a lot of cases, be simulated by anynode, making them
available to the application as well.


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If you'd like to learn more about anynode the Software SBC just join us at one of our live sessions below.



10:00 AM (BST)

local media optimization with anynode sbc

Tobias Erichsen – CTO at TE-SYSTEMS

  • What is Local Media Optimization?
  • Local Media Optimization or Media Bypass
  • Typical call scenarios
  • Q&A

jULY 7th

12:00 am (bst)

anynode SBC & phone system direct routing

Edwin Oyakhilome – Business Development at TE-SYSTEMS

  • The Role of anynode SBC in Calling for Teams
  • Supported Features with Direct Routing
  • Deployment Options
  • Q&A


7:00 pm (bst)

anynode sbc deployment in microsoft azure

Oliver Koerber – CEO at TE-SYSTEMS

  • Typical Scenario
  • Installation steps
  • Configuration
  • Q&A


9:00 AM (BST)

Multi-tenancy configuration in anynode

Oliver Koerber – CEO at TE-SYSTEMS

  • Different Models
  • Installation steps
  • Q&A

Local Media Optimization

Local Media Optimization is a new feature within Direct Routing which allows to keep the media local to the network. With Local Media Optimization, Microsoft Teams and anynode enables the optimal RTP media flow for inhouse hosted SBC's with local connections to providers or PBX around the world.
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REST API/PowerShell

With REST API and PowerShell scripts, anynode configurations can be created, controlled and edited in detail, automatically and remotely. Complex actions, such as onboarding multiple tenants or automatically configuring provider nodes, can be simplified in this way. Furthermore, this feature allows the integration of anynode functions to a customer’s software environment – for example, to simplify complex input scenarios for employees.
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Dynamic emergency calling for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and anynode provides the capability to configure and route emergency calls based on the current location of the Teams client. The ability to do automatic routing to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) or to notify security desk personnel varies depending on the country of usage of the Teams user.
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Single- and Multi-Tenancny

With anynode and Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, you can configure one Session Border Controller to serve many multiple tenants. anynode enables a fast and straightforward configuration that saves you time and money and keeps the maintenance clear and easy to manage due to reusable connection settings and certificates.
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With SIP Registrar and anynode, analog devices, SIP phones, legacy PBX, and gateways can be integrated into a communication environment, even in a cloud-based VoIP architecture with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Especially useful for companies that want to stick to their existing device portfolio, such as + analog telephony and fax devices + simple SIP phones + SIP intercom devices + DECT telephony devices + and many more
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The anynode Trace Analyzer is now one single tool that will be used by on-site engineers all the way to the core developers of anynode. It integrates an overview of all traced sessions, a concise presentation of the SIP message flow of individual sessions, and an RTP stream view which shows details for combined or individual media-flow directions. Easy diagnostic tool for faster resolution.
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