Seamlessly chat with external contacts

Mio syncs communication across Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Cisco Webex Teams.
See how universal channels work in

Effortlessly chat with an unlimited number of customers, clients, and partners.

Chat with us in the Mio-Commsverse universal channel to see it in action!

Helping your company chat without boundaries

Collaborate with customers as you would with colleagues

  • Respond to customers in real time
    Reach customers in the messaging app they use, from the app you use.
  • Strengthen relationships with clients
    Keep an open line of communication when collaborating on projects.

Chat in one place, not all over the place

  • Consolidate workflows
    Say goodbye to worrying about shadow IT and too many guest accounts.
  • Quick and easy to set up
    Authorize the Mio app and invite external contacts in minutes.


Our Sessions


07:00 pm BST

The Future of Inter-company Collaboration

Microsoft will soon launch its own version of Slack’s shared channels that will connect users on different Microsoft tenants together.

The holy grail for intercompany collaboration, however, is not Slack shared channels or Microsoft shared channels. It’s unlikely your vendors, customers and partners will all be using the same messaging applications as you.

The future of workplace communications is a global network that allows all companies to collaborate in real-time regardless of which team collaboration tools they are using.

In this session, Tom Hadfield, the CEO of Mio, will talk about the importance of Microsoft Teams and Slack interoperability when it comes to transforming the way people work across organizational boundaries.

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