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How Microsoft Teams users can connect with external contacts in Webex Teams

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Author: Dominic KentMio

The biggest annoyance for Microsoft Teams users today? How about leaving Teams to chat with clients and contractors that don’t use Teams?

In 2019, Mio found that 91% of businesses use at least two messaging apps. If one is Microsoft Teams, the chances are high that the other is Cisco Webex Teams.

If internal collaboration sees at least two messaging apps, intercompany collaboration isn’t going to be easy either. If you want to speak to someone outside of your business, you have two options:

  • Switch back to old-fashioned methods like phone calls and emails.
  • Set people up with a guest account on Microsoft Teams, and risk security issues.

Teams have struggled to embrace cross-platform, intercompany chat. Until now!

The importance of true inter-company collaboration

Why is it so essential to have cross-platform federation? Frost & Sullivan conducted two surveys in 2019, surveying 1000+ decision-makers. The reports revealed:

  • 62% of people use various collaboration tools at once.
  • When selection of a collaboration provider, open-standards and interoperability is a top factor.
  • 40% of companies want to take a multi-tool approach to collaboration.

The evidence suggests team collaboration continues to be a fragmented space. Studies from Nemertes support this idea. Nearly 70% of the 635 companies surveyed are using a collaboration app. Unfortunately, 44.2% of organizations rely on guest accounts for external access. Guest accounts aren’t the perfect solution for cross-platform collaboration.

So- what’s wrong with guest accounts? Security teams struggle to secure guest accounts. When you’re done interacting it’s also tricky to revoke information access. Guest accounts are a risky and inefficient solution to cross-team communication. There’s also the time lost (and frustration created) switching between accounts.

Who needs intercompany collaboration?

There are plenty of companies today struggling with external communication issues.

Sales Teams. Sales groups use Microsoft Teams to collaborate on prospecting opportunities. Teams makes it easy to work on plans and pitches in real-time. But what if your prospects and partners don’t have a Microsoft stack? Sales teams are often left switching from one tool to the next. You start with a demo in Cisco Webex Teams. Then, you need to switch back to Microsoft for an internal conversation. Switching back and forth is exhausting. What’s more, moving between apps leads to lost messages and slower purchasing cycles. Cross-platform federation would solve these problems. It means you can stay on top of the sales journey and unlock new opportunities.

Marketing Agencies. The goal of any marketing agency is to build relationships with customers. Retainer clients are critical to any marketing agency. Unfortunately, these lucrative customers come with a lot of hand-holding. You need to stay connected with your prospect through their entire buying journey. It’s a lot of work. Many marketing pros start the day sifting through emails. Next, you’ll need to check Microsoft Teams to speak to your coworkers. Unfortunately, your clients don’t use Microsoft apps. This means you’re always jumping back to emails, Webex Teams, and other tools. Missing connections between tools makes nurturing clients a disjointed experience. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could collaborate in real-time, without switching apps?

Internal Marketing Teams. Internal teams depend on great communication. If your marketing team on Microsoft Teams only needed to talk to each other, a single app would be fine. Microsoft Teams is an excellent way to keep employees connected. But not everyone uses Microsoft Teams. If you can’t guarantee the people you need will be available on Microsoft Teams each day, you’re stuck. You can’t stay in one place and hope for the best. Once again, you’re left jumping between different tools.

There’s even more risk of fragmentation with contractors and freelancers! You can’t guarantee everyone you work with will want to use the same app as you.

Law Firms. Legal pros are under massive pressure to answer customer questions fast. Your clients are dealing with a worrying issue. They don’t want to wait around for an email or phone call. Unfortunately, with various clients to manage, achieving constant communication is tough. Microsoft Teams is great for synchronous chat – if your clients use the same app. If your app isn’t on Microsoft, then you end up back on email. Even with guest accounts for Microsoft Teams, there is no guarantee clients will want to learn how to use a new tool. They’re busy dealing with an emergency.

Inter-company collaboration keeps everyone in their preferred app. You get to work in Microsoft Teams as normal, and your clients get messages on their preferred app. Awkward email threads become a thing of the past. Plus, your clients are happier because they get answers quicker.

Connecting Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams is easy

It doesn’t matter what kind of company you run, or which industry you’re in. Connecting with external clients and teams on Microsoft is easy. You don’t have to resort to email and guest accounts. There’s a way to link Microsoft Teams with other tools like Cisco Webex Teams. Mio Universal Channels is a solution for syncing chat apps. You get to continue using Microsoft Teams as usual. At the same time, your client, colleague, or stakeholder uses their preferred app.

Universal Channels bridge the gap between Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams. You install the Mio app and choose Microsoft Teams as your platform. When you’re connecting with a new external party, you send them a link to your channel. Your client gets to choose their preferred app too. Mio’s software works behind the scenes to sync your messaging apps and you get to work with external teams in real-time, without leaving the app you love.

The result? Better productivity, increased efficiency, and happier customers.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about guest accounts. This means less pressure on your security team. Plus, your clients don’t have to learn to use a new app.

mio - Microsoft Teams & Slack interop
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