We wondered if watching 3D videos could help ease neuropathic pain – turns out we weren’t the only ones.

What better way to share our story than in VR! 

July 7th 4PM PDT

Our Focus

The short term goal is to help a friend reduce or eliminate his neuropathic pain, caused from a spinal cord injury 11 years ago.

The application of Virtual Reality to change the brain and reduce pain has shown promise on a small, experimental scale.

We soon realized that others might be able to benefit from these videos as well. Hence, the creation of this website to share what we’re learning and creating to help the greatest number of people possible.

Since launching this website, we’ve also learned that beyond trying to change the brain (neuroplasticity) for individuals suffering from neuropathic pain, VR is a great tool for providing pain relief through distraction for individuals suffering many different types of pain – acute and chronic. Consequently, we encourage you to check out our blog for the latest apps and content that we’re finding helpful to those seeking pain relief.


Below are some of the videos, research abstracts and books that have informed our thinking and experiments.

Our Session

Rob Buren

Entrepreneur & Patient

The guy in desperate need of some pain relief. Husband, dad, friend, athlete, speaker & entrepreneur at heart.

Peter Carson


CEO and innovator, Peter and Rob have been friends for almost 20 years.

Join Robert Buren and Peter Carson as they discuss their project to leverage VR to reduce or even eliminate neuropathic pain experienced by those with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), amputees, or other nerve related injuries. With the launch of the new https://www.vrxtherapy.org/ site, they are making the work they and others are doing freely available. Through this site, visitors can register and enter an immersive SharePoint Spaces VR world, hosted in SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365.


Using SharePoint Spaces

SharePoint Spaces is the exciting new preview program from Microsoft that introduces mixed reality to the workplace. It is fully immersive and works on any device.

Interested in trying out SharePoint Spaces? Just register and sign in to our website. Through our Extranet User Manager product you will be automatically added to a private group in EUM, which also adds you to the appropriate group in SharePoint Spaces to access it. Follow the link and try it out today!

Joining our Event in VR

July 7th 4:00pm PDT

This event is being held in Virtual Reality on a platform called AltSpaceVR. You can join with, or without a VR headset. 

Joining from a PC, please download the AltSpaceVR app from the Windows Store, Register for an account and login to the session below.

For detailed instructions, please visit our help article https://online.commsverse.com/joining-our-vr-events/