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Joining Our VR Events

Mark Vale
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So you’ve decided that you want to come and try out our VR enabled exhibition hall? AWESOME!

Like any new experience, things can seem a little strange at first and this article is here to help guide you through that first experience so that you can join our VR events with fun and excitement.


At the base of every IT successful project there is a time where you have to spend getting things ready in order to enjoy the benefits of the promised land. With VR, this is no different. Spend no more than 5-minutes of your time to walk through this Pre-Req guide and you shall be set for a sweet join experience!

Step 1 – Use a compatible machine

Our VR platform only supports Windows PCs and Laptops. This means if your have a MacOS device and think you can get away with a Windows VM on Parallels or VMWare, sorry but it will not work. Yes, we know this is discriminatory behaviour and we have made our complaints. Maybe it’s on the roadmap…

So for now you are stuck using a Windows PC/Laptop. To get the best results, you probably want to be using something a bit more modern than a Surface Pro 4. These things tend not to like the graphics too much. But if you have 8GB of lovely RAM a decent processor that doesn’t overheat and has a core or four, then you are in a good place.

For the VR enthusiast within our community, it wouldn’t be a VR event if it didn’t support VR… so it does support the Oculus Go, Quest and Rift as well as the HTC Vive and Samsung VR Gear. If you have these devices, then there is a good chance that you will know what you need to do on them.

Step 2 – Create your VR account – UPDATED

Unfortunately, no API exists to link our systems with the VR platform we are using. So yes, you will need to register for an account. Sorry. We tried.

Head on over to https://altvr.com and sign up for a free account. Hint: You can even use a fake email address – there is no validation as long as you never forget your password… in which case… oh well… shudda used your real one I guess 🙂

You will need to download the AltSpaceVR app from Windows Store and install that and create a free account in that first before continuing as AltSpace have blocked website sign up currently

Once you have created your account, click on your email address and then click edit.

Now you want to turn on Early Access

Done that? Step 2, accomplished!

Step 3 – Download the Software

To enter the fun world of VR, you’ll need to download an app. The AltSpaceVR app is in the Windows Store. Search AltSpaceVR and install.

If you are using a Oculus Rift / Go / Quest, download it from the Oculus Store instead

Step 4 – Launch the App and Complete First Run

Launch the AltSpaceVR app and sign in with your credentials created in Step 2. You’ll have to complete a few things. Click begin tutorial

Next customise your avatar. Things will be a little easier if you do

Study the controls. Don’t forget this is VR, you can move around!

Next thing is to skip the tutorial (unless you really want to do it). To do this, click on the turquoise A logo and then settings > general > Skip Tutorial

Then let’s configure your headset so that you can hear people and be heard. From the same window go to Audio and make sure your headset is selected.

Next if you think your PC is going to cough, sneeze and splutter, tune down the graphics by going to display and turning the anti-aliasing down to 2 x MSAA and resolution to 640 x 480

Done! You can now exit the AltSpaceVR app.

If you have got this far, give yourself an A* and a pat on the back, you will be ahead of the others who think they know better or is it gung-ho…? 🙂

A more detailed guide can be found here by our friend Peter Carson


Joining the Event

Now that you have been good and done the pre-req’s joining the event will be a WHOOOOOLLLLEEEE lot easier for you. At the scheduled time click this link


Be sure not to have the AltSpaceVR app already open, or it will launch another instance and grind your PC to a halt…

A few tips to make the performance better:

  • Said it just, I’ll say it again, Don’t have the AltSpaceVR app already launched before you click the link (it is important)
  • Close down all unnecessary apps down completely, especially memory hungry apps like…. Teams….. Task kill them pesky apps 🙂
  • Using a laptop? Plug it in or your battery will be chewed through quicker than a guard dog through a posties leg
  • Be sure to have your headset connected to your PC and that it is your default sound and communication device

Got here? You’re Awesome! – See you in VR!

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