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Microsoft Teams Call Notification Not Showing On Desktop

Microsoft Teams Call Notification Doesn't Work
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Once you have deployed Microsoft Teams to a user’s computer, some may not receive the call notification when an incoming call is being received.

Microsoft Teams Call Notification

However, they do receive incoming chat message notifications. Why this may happen lies in the local machine configuration. Chat message notifications use text and static content that is delivered by low end graphics.

The Microsoft Teams call notification requires more graphics for animation and the ability to interact with the accept or decline buttons inside.

The problem may be the Graphics Driver on the local machine is out of date and requires updating. Please update the Graphics driver to the latest manufacturer supported version and reboot the device. After this the call notification should work.

Microsoft Teams has an extensive and enthusiastic Community that can help you with understanding more about Teams? Check out the Microsoft Teams Tech Community. If you would like to Join Commsverse Online for access to our conference, please register for your Free Account

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