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Build the Project HQ in Microsoft Teams

Track: Business Strategy
Level: 200 - Knowledgable

Project management isn’t a simple task. We use many different tools and applications, invite Customers to a process, generate tons of documents, send tons of emails and… It’s easy to end up in chaos and poor performance. But can we do it better?
In this session I will show you to create Project HQ using Microsoft Teams. How to consume data from multiple sources, simplify communication channels, automate tasks, and use modern features to make it easy to be a PM or a project member.

Session plan:
• How to aggregate data from multiple sources (internal and external)
• How to simplify communication with project members and Customers
• Let’s Automate – use Power Platform to automate common project tasks
• Building report for a project
• Take project meetings to the next level with Teams app


You can download the presentation for this session below once the Speaker has uploaded it

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Marcin Siewnicki
I am Office 365 consultant and architect. I create applications and solutions that improve and facilitate work using Power Platform, SharePoint, and Teams.My adventure in IT began in 2005. Since then I have been creating and implementing business applications based on SharePoint and Office 365 platforms. I am a big fan of task and process automation (Power Automate) and Modern Workplace platforms (Microsoft Teams).Privately a husband, father of 2 sons. Fan of science fiction and cyberpunk, futurist. I co-organize the SharePoint Saturday Warsaw conference, speaker at Microsoft social events.
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