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Building a business case for Viva Topics – what you need to consider beyond just the licensing?

Track: Teamwork
Level: 100 - Beginner

Whether it was with the early codename of Project Cortex or with the released name of Viva Topics, the buzz around the service has been huge. Viva Topics is a very powerful, AI driven tool that can help your organisation to get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time. Topics can be identified automatically and made available across the Microsoft 365 suite but is that enough? Can you just rely on the AI to do everything for you?

This session will guide you through the planning needed to make the most of your licensing including:

  • how to identify where your knowledge is currently
  • how to build your topic groups
  • planning your content curators
  • building a culture of knowledge sharing
  • getting the knowledge to the right people

If you have licenses already or if you are building a business case to get them, this session will help you work out what is needed to get the most value for your organisation.


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Kevin McDonnell
Having been sucked in to the world of SharePoint with a Project Server project back in 2004, Kevin soon became hooked. From developer, to infrastructure owner to project manager and advocate primarily in Financial Services, Kevin now works as a Solution Architect for CPS in the Teams, Microsoft 365 and Power Platform space and retains a passion for how AI and Machine Learning can aid collaboration and Digital Workplaces. Things have got so bad that he even has a PowerApp for a kitchen calendar. Kevin co-hosts the GreyHatBeard podcast (https://www.greyhatbeard.com), blogs on Digital Workplace topics on his own blog (https://www.mcd79.com), and is a regular on the Happy Hour Etiquette sessions where he helps share the best etiquette on Microsoft 365. Kevin’s passions sit with creating solutions that make it easier for people to be more productive and be able to help themselves. Outside of work, he juggles his three boys with helping to run his local Cub pack, occasionally forcing PowerPoint presentations on the poor kids and trying to convince them to code.
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