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Empower your IT team and other teams in your organization to go strongly into new digital adventures

Track: Business Voice
Level: 200 - Learner
  • Is your company embarking on an adoption journey of new digital tools ?
  • Have you started using apps like Microsoft Teams from the Microsoft 365 platform for meetings?
  • And, do you now feel ready, and/or see the need, to take the next step; and move some of the daily work and collaboration onto this new platform?
  • Is your IT/HR/Communication departments ready?

If you can say yes to one or more of these questions, you have an exciting and life changing journey ahead of you. As any experienced traveler knows, those traveling with you are very important part of the journey and planning for the trip equally important. Did you remember your passport?

Similarly, embarking on an implementation-of-a-new-digital-platform-journey, you need good traveling companions. Great traveling companions, such as the IT team, as well as HR and the Communication department are really good, and at least in the beginning, and at certain intervals in the journey it can be a good idea to invite onboard the Security and compliance team as well, and so too the rest of the business. At least let the business know where you are going, so they can join you when they are ready, or you ready to take them onboard.

In this session Merethe will guide you how to prepare your IT team, and other teams and key stakeholders, regardless if they are your own team, belong to another unit in your company, or if you have outsourced the job to an external partner.

Key takeaways:

  • Where are we going?
  • Define
    • Goals, KPIs, strategy and the “WHY?”
    • What your new solutions should replace (something in-something out)
    • Ownership for the solution, support, training, culture building, etc.
    • A roadmap and communicate this
  • Structure the organization for key stakeholders for before, during and after “The journey” by combining Microsoft Learning Pathway, Viva Learn and Viva Topics as well as Teams and other Microsoft 365 apps
  • Execute your plan



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Merethe Stave
Merethe Stave is Chief Customer Officer and Senior Cloud Architect at CloudWay. She is an Office Apps and Services MVP, was recognized as one of Norway’s 50 leading women in tech 2020 and is a board member of the Norwegian Microsoft 365 Community.More than 10 years ago she discovered SharePoint and has ever since worked passionately to help users see the possibilities in the Microsoft 365 productivity suite. She lives the power of sharing and is passionate about educating and enabling users in the Microsoft User Adoption processes combined with good practice and an agile and pragmatic “hands-on” approach, as a certified Prince 2 Agile Practitioner and Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist. Merethe was co-founder and central force in establishing and organizing the SharePoint Saturday Conference, SPS Oslo, in Norway (2013-2017). As an international public speaker, she has experience from Modern Workplace Conference Paris, SPS London and of course SPS Oslo.
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