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Existing Call Center integration to Teams

Track: Business Voice
Level: 200 - Learner

Many organisations have deeply embedded business process that rely on Call Centers and the workflows driven by these.

The event of Microsoft Teams and the way it has enabled workforces to be scattered far and wide has presented unique challenges to IT and Customer Experience managers who need to maintain the business as usual processes along with catering for remote and nomadic working.

This session discusses the implications of using Teams on top of an existing Call Center to provide the end user experience that’s needed and how to address the nuanced problems this presents.

We will be demonstrating how Microsoft Teams can be effectively used in multi-agent and call queueing environments where these features are driven by existing Call Center systems


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Mark Herbert
Mark Herbert is an entrepreneur, engineer, cloud technology expert and recognised as one of the most prominent speakers on Microsoft voice integration. Mark inspires audiences to think differently about voice, technology and collaboration and how they make organisations more efficient in a modern workplace.Working across the globe, Mark’s work with businesses has involved him strategically sitting on boards and exec teams, where he has supported and challenged organisations to develop strategy, and to implement effective leadership.More recently Mark is co-founder and President of Call2Teams, an add-on to Office 365 which seamlessly integrates any PBX phone system to Microsoft Teams enabling voice calls as part of Teams collaboration.Mark has a reputation for making the complex simple, for being down-to-earth and practical, with a commercial focus that brings everything back to the customer
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