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How to ensure the feeling of togetherness when working remote?

Track: Adoption
Level: 100 - Beginner

Since last year we have seen our co-workers less than ever before. Meeting rooms and live encounters have transformed into endless online-meetings with random initials. In these times it’s crucial to maintain the feeling of togetherness in a team.

In this session we will go through some best practices for remote team meetings and communication, touch some of the coolest engagement features in Teams and discover a couple of useful Power Platform solutions you could start using already today.

Leadership is defined by actions, not by title. Every employee has the possibility to create a positive effect on the team spirit. This session is aimed at team leaders and HR managers, but also to everyone who wants to improve employee experience.

This is a demo-heavy session with lots of concrete examples of how you can help your team and colleagues to be present and have the feeling of belonging, no matter where they are physically located.


Session takeaways:

  • Ways to improve employee experience remotely
  • Insights of Teams as a Platform capabilities that support wellbeing at work
  • Concrete examples of how you can create happiness easily – starting today!

You can download the presentation for this session below once the Speaker has uploaded it

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Karoliina Kettukari
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