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How to license my users if I decide to use Microsoft Phone System as my PBX?

Track: Business Voice
Level: 200 - Learner

Once you want to use Teams also as your cloud PBX you can come into very interesting decision point while talking about the need of the license for your users. In old times almost all people had telephone by default. Nowadays this need can be already diminished by scheduled calls and using meeting platforms or by adhoc native Teams calls even between federated users.

So do all my people need to be enabled for Enterprise Voice? Do they need to be licensed with Phone System? What about receptionist transferring PSTN calls to users? Will that work? How does the Teams phone device is licensed?  What about Auto-attendant and Call Queues? When do I need to assign license to resource account and to users? Do I even need to have Direct Routing or Calling Plan for my use case? What about dialing out from meeting?

Beside answering those quite common questions I will also present real use cases and personas which we have identified during our deployments of Teams Telephony in HeidelbergCement.


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David Chomca
Collaboration Geek located in Czechia and working for global company HeidelbergCement as Product Owner for those amazing tools like Microsoft Teams which make the communication and collaboration for us much easier over those crazy times. David’s background is almost 10 years experience in operating and deploying different Voice over IP technologies with focus in last years on MS Phone System with Direct Routing as Teams Telephony service. One day he wishes to finally publish his own blog but his time is occupied by his lovely daughters and if you meet him in person he might also dance with you as it is his next passion beside his work.
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