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Keeping up with Microsoft Teams. Daily problem or amazing user engagement and content opportunity?

Track: Adoption
Level: 100 - Beginner

How many times have you heard colleagues talk , even complain, about the challenge of keeping up with Teams and 365 in general? I’m going to show you how to flip that on its head and share how we:

  • Keep up to date with Teams and 365
  • Use a dedicated Microsoft 365 Microsoft Team to keep colleagues up to date and spark discussion
  • Create SharePoint Learning Hub posts and use them to populate pages for:
    • Latest updates
    • Update archive
    • Updates by app
  • Present updates live to 150 people at regular meetings for a large UK government ministerial department, and
  • Run monthly Teams and 365 update ‘courses’, with colleagues coming back month after month to keep up


We’ll finish up with a room discussion on which parts could be automated and ask the question ‘should they be automated’?

These simple things done well, and done consistently, turn the flow of updates into the source material to create a super-engaged user community!


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Mark Thompson
Freelance Microsoft 365 and Teams lead trainer, mainly working with The Inform Team in the UK. I also tweet hand-picked 365 updates almost daily and publish a weekly video, podcast and blog round-up…it’s all about the ‘user end’ of Microsoft 365.
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