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Making Sense of the Management Options for Teams-Certified Devices

Track: Devices
Level: 300 - Proficient

In today’s work place, managing the thousands of devices deployed throughout an organization can be a very large chore. There are so many considerations:

  • What vendors are deployed throughout the environment?
  • What devices are manageable in the Teams Admin Center?
  • How are OS updates and Firmware updates handled?
  • What about all the personal user peripherals?
  • How do we monitor the health of our globally deployed devices?


The list of concerns and factors goes on and on. While there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to this dilemma, this session will help you make sense of what options exist today, what some of the key considerations are when designing your device solution, and also – devices are just cool!


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Josh Blalock
With over 17 years of experience in various Microsoft Server and Desktop technologies, Josh’s career has settled into the Unified Communications space, with a focus and specialization in Microsoft Teams, Meetings, and Telephony.On a professional note, Josh recently started a new role as a Senior Solutions Architect at Logitech, in the Video Collaboration business unit.Within the community, Josh stays busy with regular Device Overview & Tutorial videos on his YouTube channel, serving as a co-organizer for the Comms vNext community-based conference, serving on the Board of Directors for the Teams User Group, and speaking at various conferences as time and pandemics allow.Oh…and he sometimes wears a cowboy hat…
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