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Pragmatic Governance for Microsoft Teams

Track: Productivity
Level: 200 - Learner

Governance is a hot topic before turning on any new piece of software. With the rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams, this a roadblock that many organizations are trying to navigate today. In this session, you will learn how to put a proper governance plan in place before launching Microsoft Teams in your organization and how to keep governance in place as the usage of Teams expands.
Without governance, Microsoft Teams can quickly spin an unmanageable web for your IT teams. Governance is the first step to success with Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft provides a wide range of features that you can use to help ensure the hygiene of your Teams so that Office 365 doesn’t become an nest egg of chaos.

In this session we will cover the out-of-the-box governance features of Microsoft Teams, such as:
• Naming Conventions
• Guest Access
• User Permissions
• Creation Permissions
• Expiration Policies
• Monitoring
Join us to learn about the best way to ensure that your Teams implementation doesn’t spiral into an out of control mess by using all the tools that Microsoft provides out-of-the-box.


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Michal Pisarek
Michal Pisarek is a 6 X Microsoft SharePoint MVP and CEO at Orchestry Software. He loves SharePoint and Teams simply because it can help organizations create a better experience for their users. Having been involved in Office 365 for over 10 years he has led multiple implementations of large scale digital workplaces, Intranets and Teams solutions that have won multiple Nielsen Norman Intranet awards.In his off time he cooks, spends time with his family and shouts at his French bulldog for not listening to him.
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