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Skype for Business Online is dead, long live Skype for Business

Track: Advanced Technology
Level: 400 - Expert

July 31st 2021 is a date that is currently looming large (assuming COVID hasn’t moved this darn conference again!), on this date Skype for Business Online services as we know them will stop working. As I’m writing this session synopsis there currently isn’t a lot of information available about what this will actually mean in practice, but is a change that could have huge consequences for a number of organizations.

At the moment there are many different questions that we just can’t answer right now., such as:

What will happen if you are running SfB on-prem but with Hybrid configured?

What if you are using SfB Online but are using On Premises Call Handling to supply dial-tone to your users?

What if you have SBCs deployed running Cloud Connector Edition for voice?

In this session I will endeavour to cover in as much detail as is possible what the different paths forward may be if you are still relying to some degree on Skype for Business Online so that you can gauge your level of risk and cover how you can minimise the impact of its removal.

(If COVID has moved this conference out to September then hopefully the SfB drop-dead date has sailed past like the millennium bug and we’re all still fine)


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Ben Lee
Ben is the Microsoft Technology Lead at LoopUp where he is helping them build out a best-in-class Direct Routing as a service offering. He has been immersed in the Microsoft UC world for over the 10 years with hands on experience of everything from gateways to phones and all that sits between! More recently, as the industry has moved beyond deploying servers towards a cloud-first strategy, he has stepped into a more strategic role helping organisations understand their needs and navigating the options available.
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