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Virtual Meetings are not free. Collaboration is cheaper.

Track: Use Cases
Level: 100 - Beginner

Do you suffer from meeting burnout? Are you in meetings where you stay muted 95% of the time?

With the rapid adoption of platforms like Microsoft Teams during the pandemic, it’s easier than ever to call a meeting to discuss work, delegate tasks or even get status updates.

But what if I told you this might be hurting your productivity rather than improving it?

  • Learn how we can use built-in apps in Microsoft Teams to accomplish common meeting tasks, turning 30-minute catchup sessions into 5-minute updates.
  • Let fresh users get context on an ongoing topic without having to repeat yourself and consume more time, with threaded conversations.
  • Delegate tasks, check project dependencies, see where things are headed all without any special code, or 3rd party apps.

If you have Teams, you have the tools to make unnecessary meetings go away.


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James Arber
James is a Microsoft MVP specializing in Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams. Consultanting for Telstra Purple with over 10 years of experience designing, implementing and supporting Skype for Business, Teams, Office 365 and on-premise telephony and UC solutions for SME’s and government.He has a wide range of experience across both on-premise, and cloud, including Skype for Business, Exchange, Meeting room solutions and user endpoints.During his spare time, he’s usually balancing between his 4 kids, Writing PowerShell, Playing Destiny, Working on cars or just being a Mad Scientist
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