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Speaker Terms of Acceptance

Commsverse 2021 - 8th & 9th March - Mercedes-Benz World

The following terms are to be accepted by all persons who accept a speaking position at any Commsverse event.


Commsverse may or may not offer you a speaking position. By submitting a session, this does not formulate a contract between Commsverse or the Speaker and neither does it constitute that you are guaranteed to be selected. An offer may be received by the Speaker from Commsverse if Commsverse decides that the session should be accepted. Only the session(s) declared as accepted in the offer will be accepted and all other sessions the Speaker may have submitted for the same event will be void.

The Speaker will have 5 working days from the point of receiving the offer to formally accept it. If no acceptance is received by this date, the offer may be revoked.


Once the Speaker has accepted their offer no further changes can be made to the accepted session. The speaker may not substitute themselves for another person without the express prior consent of Commsverse.

Furthermore, modification to the session title or abstract is not permitted unless it is as a direct response and result of a fundamental technology change that requires the session to be updated. In this event, the Speaker must submit a request to Commsverse stating the change, the reason and providing evidence to support that change.


Every effort will be made to schedule a session for a time that is sympathetic towards the Speaker’s time zone or travel arrangements. However, as the conference operational times are known in advance of content submission, the Speaker must be available for all dates and times within the operational period.

The Speaker may not suggest or ask for a specific time slot. Commsverse will schedule sessions based on topic, track and non-conflicting factors.

Once a session has been scheduled it is final and will not change unless Commsverse deems it operationally necessary to fulfil it’s agenda.

Content Exclusivity

Commsverse operates a paywall for its on-demand service. Commsverse uses the revenue from this service for marketing future events, paying for adverts and other marketing tools and subscriptions in order to drive awareness and attendance at future events as well as helping with on-going operational costs between events e.g. website hosting.

As a result, the Speaker grants Commsverse exclusive recording rights to the content they deliver at Commsverse for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery.

For the avoidance of doubt, the content must not:

  • Be previously recorded and available on other free to access websites including Youtube, Vimeo or other conference websites
  • Be presented at a future conference, meet-up, user group where the content is being recorded for free and public distribution for the period stated above

The Speaker may deliver the same content at other events but only if they are delivered LIVE and not recorded

After the exclusivity has expired, the Speaker may request a copy of the recording and distribute as they wish.


The Speaker waives all rights to royalty or any other renumeration or reward for content distributed by Commsverse. Commsverse is not a profit making business, we do not pay for speakers, we do not pay for content. We may charge for access to the content to cover our operational costs only. This is why we are cheaper than any other paid for conference in the World.


The Speaker agrees to present their session at the scheduled time and to the specification that has been agreed. The Speaker will ensure that they are adequately prepared for the session including hardware, connectivity, presenting resource and any other supporting materials.

When presenting, the Speaker will ensure that they perform in a professional manner and do not use inappropriate and non-gender specific language.

Where video is used, the Speaker will ensure that their background is appropriate by use of background blur or the official background replacement image supported by Microsoft Teams. The Speaker shall not use their own custom background or any other unsupported solutions such as OBS / XSplit VCAM etc to distract away from the content and impact the performance and quality of the session and it’s recording thereof.

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