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Talking Teams VR Guide

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Talking Teams is a chat show run in Virtual Reality. It is also streamed to a Teams Live Event. We recommend that you join us in Virtual Reality for the most immersive and inclusive experience.

Benefits of VR

The benefits of using virtual reality over a standard Teams meeting for this type of event is the interaction between Speakers and the audience being 3 Dimensional. It better represents a studio or theatre where people feel connected and in the same room. Speakers and Audience members feed off the energy they feel in the room. Using VR allows audience to interact simultaneously with the Speakers and people’s expressions can be seen and felt.

Using a Teams meeting doesn’t bring the same immersion and experience. People can feel talked at, rather than to and attention spans can be distracted easily. Being in VR is like being in-person.

A huge benefit VR has over Teams or even Zoom meetings is spatial audio. Spatial audio is a representation of what happens in the real world. Multiple conversations can be held simultaneously in the same space without everyone having to stop talking and listen to the one person with the loudest voice. As you walk around you’ll hear conversations getting louder the closer you come to people and quieter the further away you go, just like real life.

I Haven’t Got A VR Glasses

No problem! AltSpace works in 2D mode and brings everything special to VR to your computer without VR Glasses. Sure you miss out on that sense of 360 degree, 4 axis perception, but that does not detract from the benefit of joining in VR. This is how you can join.

Step 1 – Download The AltSpaceVR App

The AltSpaceVR app is available on the Windows Store. It is Free to download. It is only supported on Windows. Mac OSX is not available. Note AltSpaceVR requires direct access to your GPU, so Windows Virtual Machines will not work.


The AltSpaceVR App will install on any Windows 10 laptop / desktop. It is recommended that you have at least a dual core CPU with 512MB or more of memory dedicated to graphics. In most cases this meets most modern laptop and desktop specifications.

Note: If you do need to Increase the virtual memory assigned to graphics it can be done by following this guide

A Gaming PC is not required.

Step 2 – Create an Account

Open the AltSpaceVR app on your computer.

You will be loaded into the home room and prompted to register for an acount

Step 3 – Build Your Avatar

Once you have created your account, follow the on screen instructions to build your avatar. You can use the default, but personalisation helps people recognise you easier.

You will be asked to skip or complete a tutorial. This is your choice. You can move about using the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can look around by holding right click on your mouse and moving it in the direction you want to look.

Step 4 – Join the Event

When you are ready to join the event. Please make sure your PC is in optimal condition

  • Do not launch the AltSpace app
  • Quit Microsoft Teams and all other running applications that are consuming lots of memory
  • Make sure you use a headset for your audio device. Speakerphones do not work well in AltSpace
  • Click the join link in your meeting invite
  • Click Enter Now on the event landing page

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